Saturday, August 12, 2006

2 Steps Forward, 1 Back

It has been a good day for Katy overall. She is responding well to her steroids, although her skin is starting to look a little more flushed. She is also gaining more strength in her body as the TPN is feeding her calories. She was able to stand up in the shower for the first time in 2 weeks! We are very thankful for her strength. She also had many visitors today, which was very encouraging!

On the down side, she had a fourth bout of torticollis (muscle spasms in the neck) tonight that affected more muscles than previous spasms. She was fully aware during this time and was much more calm in spirit, able to tell visiting friends how to hold her to prevent her body from convulsing too much. This was the first spasm that neither Dad nor Mom were present to help. Fortunately, Katy’s friend April was visiting and had come to visit earlier in the week when this happened the first time, and was able to get help for Katy right away.

Please pray that the steroids continue to work without side effects, and that her doctor could get to the bottom of these spasms. Overall, it was a good day. I’m sure there will be more good news to share soon.


  1. Aunt Carrie Says:

    Hi Katy,
    I have finally had time to check my email and saw the note about your blog. I am happy to be able to write a note. We were so troubled to hear of your illness. You remain in our prayers.

    Uncle Dave and the kids arrived at Grandmommy and Grandaddy’s today. I can’t tell how far away you are from them. (I suppose I should go look at a map.) I hope to be able to visit when I join them next week. I looked at your pictures and remembered the times we had visited and how you have grown and changed. (You are so beautiful!) I still have some very cute pictures of Laurel all decked out in some of your clothes (when she was smaller than you) and your Mom had fixed her hair and face.

    Tonight I had dinner at the house of some church friends. They live with their daughter, her husband and their two (adopted) children. (That family was on vacation in Hawaii.) Anyway, I thought it was interesting that the son-in-law (in his 30ies) has Cystic Fibrosis, but is doing very well. I know it it not the same thing, but he has also endured some very scary and trying times as well.

    It sounds like they are able to make you more comfortable recently, I sure hope that trend continues, and I’ll pray that the most recent difficulty with spasms can be resolved.

    Love and prayers,
    Aunt Carrie

  2. Elaine Graybeal Says:

    Dear Katy,
    You may not remember us, but we knew you and your family when we lived in Roanoke (we moved from there to South Carolina in 1993 when you were just 8 years old).

    We just got the email from your Mother, and were so sorry to hear about the trials you have been enduring. We are praying that God’s peace that passes understanding and His all-sufficient grace will continue to strengthen you and your family. It is obvious from the blogs that you have been allowing Him to do so already, and are a real testimony of His grace. We trust that He will give the doctors wisdom and that you’ll get stronger and more comfortable every day.

    You may remember our youngest daughter, Alicia, who is the same age as you. She is getting married in six days, so we have had an exciting summer here. Her fiance is a medical student in Grand Cayman, so she will be living on the island for the first eight months of her marriage.

    Our love and prayers are with you.
    Phil and Elaine Graybeal

  3. Alicia Says:

    Hey Katy, I had been reading your xanga entries and had not really realized how sick you were my dear. I am sorry. I will definitely be praying that the Lord will strengthen you and will give you good health soon.

    The baby has been kicking away right now and its soo fun to know that he is alive and well in there….I hope Jen is sharing with you about how your little niece or nephew is doing too….I heard that there is suppossed to be an STFBEye marathon on PAX on Sept. 2 and you can go online and vote for your favorite episode….I wonder which ones they are going to run for the marathon…lol.


  4. Collmus Family Says:

    Hey Katy! We’re at Oma’s house. We’ve just set up your Blog as a favorite on her computer so she can keep track of what’s going on while we’re at home. We’re all praying for you and love you a whole lot. I hope you don’t have any more muscle spasms, I know how rough those are. We’ll be praying for you! Love, Laura -for the Collmus Family

  5. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Katy,

    Just wanted you to know that I am still checking up on you and praying for you. I would like your permission to send your blog to our pastoral staff and my choir family so that they can lift you and your family up in prayer as well. I know that things seem really difficult right now, but I promise you there is a reason for all things. I love reading your blog and finding out about your progress, and even though we have never met. I am moved by your compassion towards others as you go through this ordeal. My prayer is that God will give you strength daily and use this event for his good. I don’t know why, but it always amazes me to see how reiliant our HPS family are during these times of extreme trial and stress. Just know you have a whole bunch of people out here rooting and praying for your recovery.
    Take care
    Karen Tillman

  6. Aunt Julie Says:

    Hi Katy,

    I hope you had a great night with Dawn. My Second Grade Sunday School Class prayed for you this morning. Pastor Mike prayed for you and mentioned your blog from the platform. And I can’t tell you how many people asked us how you are doing. People you don’t even know are praying for you all over the U.S.! We love you. We’ll probably see you later today.

    Aunt Julie

  7. Crystal La Brie Says:

    Sweet Katy, my family and I have been keeping up on your progress through the blog. We are continually lifting you and your family in prayer. We love the pictures!

  8. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Hey Katy!
    I just got back from my mini weekend trip to visit some old friends and see my Godkids. The very first thing I had to do was check you blog! I’ve been thinking of you all weekend. There’s a whole group praying for you in Kansas. I’m so glad to hear you seem to be feeling a bit better!

  9. The Williams Family Says:

    Dear Katy,
    We want you to know that we are praying for your complete recovery. We received an update today from Mrs. Womack at church. She gave us your blog website. You have been heavy on our mind and hearts since we leaned of your illness; you have obviously been through some tough days. We are so glad that you are now in the care of the doctors in Maryland who know how to treat HPS. Katy, we have watched God’s hand in your life ever since your Mom and Dad brought you home - I KNOW He will continue to direct your path. (Phil. 1:6) We will pray that His presence will be very real to you and that you will feel the comfort that only He can give during these difficult days. I am sure that your sweet spirit is being used even now to those around you to draw them to the Lord. Now that we know more specifically how to pray, please know that we will be lifting you and your family before our Heavenly Father all through the coming days. We love you dearly.
    ~ Andy, Maronda, Stephen and Effie

    P.S Tell your Mom to please call us if there is ANYTHING we can do to help.

  10. Elizabeth Harris Says:


    I read the message you posted and all I could do was smile. What a blessing Katy is to so many people. How she shows the love of Christ everytime I see her and even now while she walks through this valley, yet not alone. What a testimony of being content in all circumstances.

    Continuing to ask for healing and strength.

    Love you,
    Elizabeth Harris

  11. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Katy,

    I hope I am not being a bother, but I came across a verse in Romans ch 12 vs 12 some time ago. When I am in the hospital and things seem unbearable, I keep it close by to read, and when I am recovering at home, I put it up on my fridge. I hope that this verse will encourage you as it has me. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.
    Take care
    Karen Tillman

  12. Trisha Ferris Says:

    HI, Katy,
    This blog is the best thing since sliced bread!
    I was so happy to see your mommie & daddy at church today. I kept feeling sad that you weren’t able to bee with us & that prompted me to pray for you several times. It was one of those services you should listen to as soon as the tape is made. A great sermon.
    I am so glad I stayed with you & got to know you better!
    You are a precious sister in Christ & though I’m much older (much, much older), I’ve learned a tremendous amount from you. It’s a privelege to pray for you.

  13. Carole St.Clair Says:

    Dear Katy,
    I just recieved an email from your mom. I had not relized that you were so sick. We are praying for you as a family the girls were very concerned for you. We will continue praying for you and I will try to come and visit.
    It has been very hectic here. I am packing to move.
    Keith has been led to go back to school and will be attending Liberty University starting next week. He will be studying Pastorl studies feeling led that God will be using that on the field when we arrive there.
    We are still raising support for Mexico and have about $1,000 per month left to raise. So we will raise support this year while he attends school. We will be moving in with my dad this year as we prepare so that we would not have the overhead and Keith could go to part time work and full time school. Knowing he will need time for his studies.
    We love you Miss Katy you have blessed our family in such a special way. Your time in Jamaica is inbeded in my childrens hearts and mine.
    I know in this dark time God will lead you and His right hand will guide you. He will comfort you and strengthen you.
    We love and pray for you!
    Carole Keith
    Josiah, Jermiah

  14. Jess Says:

    Hey Katy-Lady!
    I heard through the grape-vine that Tricia was able to come spend the night with you and I’m jealous!! :) I need a little Katy fix and if you are willing - I would love to spend the evening with you!! (Ok - so the grapevie is really just reading the blog - but that counts doesn’t it??) We have been praying for you - Noah made you a card today in nursery. :) I’m sure that if his name isn’t on it - you can just look for the most beautiful one and it will be his! :)
    I missed seeing your kind smile today at church! I enjoyed seeing all the pictures on the blog and staying up to date on your progress. The lamb is too cute and the Gideon is a great name!!

    We love you dear Katy and we are praying for your strength!!


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