Thursday, August 10, 2006

Best News So Far!

Last night my mom called and left a desperate message with the HPS Network telling them the situation. The short version of the story is that they contacted Kevin O’Brien, a Nurse Practitioner at the Human Biological Research Center in Bethesda, MD. He was immediately very interested and called my mom back this morning! Hold on to your seats…

They are currently working with four other adopted Indian children with HPS at their facility right now, two of them being 21 yr old girls! The doctor was very interested to know of the region in which Katy was born. They will eventually do genetics testing on Katy, and who knows what they may find…

Mr. O’Brien works with Dr. William Gahl, a GI Specialist who has had experience with HPS patients. He is going to call our doctor (who is also a wonderful doctor) and give her instructions on what to do for Katy immediately. The team there is anxiously waiting to see Katy and are excited to help her!

Mr. O’Brien has emphatically stated that time is of the essence, but he said that he was totally hopeful that Katy would recover from this bout. For immediate needs, Katy will need a platelet transfusion, steroids, antibiotics, Remicade for bowel inflammation, and should not eat any more food until her bowels have settled down. He also wants them to change Katy’s IV with more nutritional supplements. Once her pain is under control and bowels have settled, we will take her to Bethesda, MD. [Can you tell I’m not too concerned about medical confidentiality here?]

Please Pray that the people at Roanoke Memorial Hospital will respond quickly to what they’ve been asked to do.

Katy may need some additional surgery. The future will bring more tough times, but there is much hope as well. Mr. O’Brien encouraged us that they are making great strides in research on pulmonary fibrosis as well, and not to worry about the future (that is another side effect of HPS - read Aug 9 post).

Last night, my parents were crying out to God during much of the night, desperate for His mercy. The answers have come faster than we can record them today. Psalm 30:5b - “Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” We are so thankful for God’s kindness.

There’s a little more interesting news. Part of the process of connecting to the right people was through a journalist in Kansas named Heather Kirkland, who also has HPS. We have not spoken to her, but she gave the HPS Network the names of these doctors that are looking to help Katy. Heather keeps her own blog, which is We look forward to talking with her and thanking her for helping us!

Thank you so much to all of you who have prayed for us when we were almost too weary to pray ourselves.


  1. Danae

    That is such great news, Katy! When my Mom told I about jumped up and down. Last night I was so discouraged, but today is so much better!! Please know there are people praying for you everywhere. Last night I posted a request on my Xanga site, and my friend Tori (aka Jane) said she is praying for you. I haven’t even met her personally, but she is praying for you! Isn’t that cool!?!


  2. James Pensack

    I am glad that you are getting better! My whole family has been praying for you all the time. This is great news that you found some one who can help you. My mom or some one else my comment some. We will be praying for you.

  3. Claire (Fairlight’s sister)

    Hey Katy, just wanted you to know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. Jennifer B.

    I truly enjoyed our “slumber party” last night! (hope Lamby, or is it Fred, is ok after his fall, haha). You are a delight, and your faith and joy in Christ spill out, transforming a hospital room into a sweet haven. David and I will continue to pray for you, specifically that you will be able to make the trip to Maryland ASAP and that the doctors there will be able to bring the HPS under control so you can get back out there and continue being a beautiful light in the darkness!

    Blessings to you and your wonderful family who are such a tremendous witness to the power and love of Christ. PS, you better get back home soon or my kids are going to switch dogs on you! ;-)

    In His grip,

  5. Adam Thompson

    Wow. That sounds like an answer to prayer! PTL! :-)

  6. Aunt Judy

    Things change fast! God answers prayer before we pray!It looks like we won’t see you in Charlottesville after all but other than missing you this is MUCH better. God is good all the time. I sent a long letter today via snail mail.
    Love heaps,
    Aunt Judy

  7. Betty

    People all over the world are praying for
    your family by now! And God is obviously
    working all things together!

    Praying for Peace and Love and Hope.

    (B. A friend of the Lay’s)

  8. Carrie Thompson

    I have been praying for you! I will continue praying for you–exspecially that you can go to Maryland. I miss you in church. :-)


  9. Laura

    Hey Katy,
    That news that your feeling better is WONDERFUL!!!!! Last night after my mom told me that you were sick, I had this really intense worship session in my bathroom (yes my bathroom, great place for worshiping hehe). Anyway I was listening to this wonderful cd by this worship leader named Vicky Beeching. I found myself praying the words to her songs. One of the songs was about God sending a miracle. Its such an awesome song. Im going to see if this thing will let me paste it in here. I was praying for a miracle almost all night and then I read your blog for today, and I was like “Wow God, you sure do work fast! Thank you sooo much!�? Just think of this time as a test of your faith. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll come out of this loving God more than you ever have and you’ll have so much more faith. I love you sooooo much Katy! You’ll stay in my prayers. I look forward to getting to talk to you in AIM when you feel better! I have a lot of talk about. Well here’s the song that I was praying for you: (YAY! It worked!) Cick here to listen

    You can shine light into the darkness
    You can set every prisoner free
    You can make streams flow in the desert
    This is what we are longing to see
    Because we know and we believe…Nothing, nothing is impossible for You
    Anything, anything can happen when Your power breaks through
    Hear our cry for Your supernatural touch
    God of miracles come and visit us

    Come Lord, shine light into the darkness
    Come Lord, set every prisoner free
    Come Lord, make streams flow in the desert
    This is what we are longing to see
    Because we know and we believe…

    Written by Vicky Beeching
    ©2003 Thankyou Music (admin. by Songs for the World, excluding the UK and Europe, which is admin. by (PRS)

  10. Candice & Crystal Sipe

    Dear Katy,
    We are 26 year old identical twins Candice & Crystal Sipe. The other two that are also adopted from Hyderabad,India. Our parents Joe and Karen adopted us at the age of 1 and brought us here to Arizona to live. We were diagnosed with HPS at the age of 13 and when we were 15 we went to the National Institutes of Health for the first time. We were so moved by your story, and we wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We are also Born-Again Christians and have a music ministy called “Angels IN Voice” we have been singing and ministering in churches and different events for about 7 years now. God has blessed the two of us with so much and we also deal with some major health issues. I believe that God makes us stronger through it all though and he will continue to give you the strength to make it through. We would love to get to know you and your family. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
    God Bless,
    Candice & Crystal

  11. Ana Guzman

    Hi Katy:

    I have HPS also. I have an 11 year old daughter. We live in Brooklyn, New York. I just wanted to say we are praying for your speedy recovery and wish plentiful blessings on you and your family. Yes, Heather is a wonderful Angel. It was through her that I found your blog. If you wish, you can write to me any time. Take care. Keep your spirits high.

    Peace and Love,
    Ana and Desiree

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