Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hey World! You Really are out there!

I’m sitting here in the nurses’ lounge looking at the website and all of your wonderful comments. I want you to know that when I woke up this morning, I had one goal: it was to get to the nurses’ lounge! Here it is, five o’clock, and I made it. I wish it were as easy as it was for Dorothy in Wizzard of Oz to get home by tapping my slippers together three times, saying “There is no place like home!”

I had physical therapy this afternoon and I felt like an old woman by the time I was done. I know that you are praying for my strength and it is giving me the drive to try my best. It is true that this whole health challenge came as a big surprise, but I find that putting my lipstick on makes life seem more normal!

I have spoken with my doctor today about the possibility of getting home by the weekend. She said that I have a few goals to accomplish before I can be released. I explained to her that my Granddad’s 80th Birthday celebration is Sunday and she said, “Well maybe I could let you go home for the day.” I must be doing well enough for her to consider letting me do that.

The encouragement I receive from your comments gives me such a lift. I can see clearly why the Lord asks us to encourage one another. I am so blessed!


  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    It’s Katy!!!!!

    Hey Katy, this is a quickie as I’m on my way out the door to go home. I’m so glad you’re up and at’em - and we get to hear from you directly! You go!

  2. Carrie Thompson Says:

    Dear Katy,
    I’m so glad to see you can post on your blog!! I will pray that you would be strong enough to go to your Granddad’s birthday party, if it is God’s will.

    Ok, it’s time to laugh:

    “A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before he dismissed them to go to church, “And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”

    Elizabeth replied, “Because people are sleeping.”

    And the little girl thanked her teacher for all the important things he had taught me in Sunday School class!”


    “For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.” Romans 6:5

  3. Karen Tillman Says:

    Hey Katy!!!

    Finally, an actual post from the girl herself. If it hadn’t been for Colin putting up those pictures, I would’ve wondered about you!!! GRIN Just kidding. I know how wonderful it is to be able to get out of the bed and do something that actually feels somewhat productive. I am so glad that you are doing and even looking better. Take care and know we are all praying for your recovery. Maybe you could see if they have a solarium or something like that there. The Volunteers at Moses Cone Hospital here built an oasis for patient’s and there families just to get away from anything that looked like a medical facility. I have often enjoyed going and sitting for long periods of time just to get away from it all. Gotta run, and you keep up the good work!!!
    Karen Tillman

  4. Julie Wensley Says:

    Hey Katy!

    You looked so good today. And it was great to hear you laugh again. Did you recognize the words to the song “Trust His Heart” mentioned in the last post’s comments? That’s what I was singing in your ear when I stayed a couple of nights ago. I know this is one of those times that you don’t understand. You’re doing a great job of trusting His heart, even though it has been so difficult. I hope you enjoy your hospital survival kit. We love you! I’ll see you tomorrow.

    ~Aunt Julie

  5. Jess Says:

    Hey Katie!!
    Yeaaaa!! It’s so fun to get a post from you! I really appreciate the ones from Colin and your mom - but there is nothing like the real thing!!! You really do look great in all of your pictures - I know you are feeling worn out - but man - you clean up good girl! ;)

    I’m praying that they will ‘release the prisoner’ for the party!! :)

    Love ya!

  6. Ryan Kirkwood Says:

    Hello Katy
    I am Heather Kirkwood’s little brother living hear in Northern Virginia. I of course also have HPS and thought I would drop you a line. I just wanted to say hang in there and you are in our prayers.

  7. Jennifer :-) Says:

    Katy!! You look absolutely spiffin’!! Those doctors will have to let you go home soon–you don’t even look sick!! :-D I’m so happy to see you looking so fine. :-)
    love and prayers,
    ps. and a hug too ;-)

  8. Dan Wensley Says:

    Jen, you’re exactly right. She looks great. I got back from seeing Katy around 8:30 and what a difference. In fact I got to tuck her in a say good night prayers.

    Katy you’re awesome girl. We’re all praying you get to go home soon.

  9. Jennifer Blugerman Says:


    Everyone at church continues to pray for you! I am so excited that you are making real headway in regaining your strength!! David and I will pray that you are home by the weekend and toasting your grandad personally! My Grandfather just turned 89 in April. He still tends a huge garden and plants young fruit trees — fully expecting to be around when they begin to bear. Now that’s positive thinking!! :-) But that’s the kind of attitude that’s gotten him so far. He never quits, and neither do you!

    OK, now that you’ve made it to the nurse’s station, you better have some icebreakers under your belt in case you need to make conversation with the medical staff. Here’s a few for you:

    Patient: “Doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains.”
    Doctor: “Come now, pull yourself together!”

    “Doctor, there is an invisible man in your waiting room.”
    “Tell him I can’t see him now.”

    Doctor: “You are in perfect health. You’ll live to be at least 65.”
    Patient: “But Doctor, I am 65!”
    Doctor: “See? What did I tell you!”

    (GROAN!) OK , I’m going to stop there before I hinder your progress any further! Take care Katy girl! We love you!

  10. Ingrid Pierce Says:

    Hi, Katy!

    I’ve just been reading through all your blogs and have been really blessed by them. You look goooooorgeous in all your pictures, by the way:) I’m amazed at God’s kindness in the way he has been comforting and providing for you every new day. And I’m really inspired by YOU, Katy. Thanks for your example of steadfast faith and joy in the midst of suffering. That gives so much glory to God!

    I love you, and I’m praying for you (along with our whole church here at Sovereign Grace).

    My e-mail address is whenever you feel up to writing. I’d love to hear from you.

    Much Love,

  11. Dan Says:

    Good morning Katie. It is interesting reading all the comments that people have made. I meet with several men Thursday mornings, and we prayed for you this morning. Is the therapist coming back today to give you another workout? When you told me about your walk around the hospital yesterday it reminded me of my workouts at the Y. The hard work will pay off when you get to go home and get to sleep in your own room again. Imagine that!

    You are a blessing!

  12. April Lang Says:

    Hi Katy!
    It was great to talk to you last night!!! I’m glad you are doing so much BETTER!!! YEA!! You are one amazing young lady and what a blessing you are to others!!! Keep on hanging on!!!
    I don’t know when I will get to come visit again…Brad and I may be going to Maryland to visit Jason and his family this weekend…if we do it might be a while before I get up there. Keep me posted as to how you are doing! I will keep in touch and call and check on ya!
    Love ya dear sister!
    April :-)

  13. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Good afternoon Katy!
    It’s my lunch break and I’m just logging in to see how you’re doing. It sounds like things continue to get better. That’s great news!!!! Just wanted you to know we’re still all thinking of you.

  14. Julie Wensley Says:

    Hey Sweet Katy,

    I hope you’re having a good day! I know you’ll work hard with your PT so you can get strong to go home.
    We’re getting ready around here to move Danae tomorrow! I can hardly believe it.

    We love you.

    ~Aunt Julie

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