Friday, August 11, 2006

Katy is Eating (sort of)

Jenn and I got back a few hours ago from visiting Katy. As of now (11:15pm Friday night), she has taken in about 200 calories of a vitamin-filled, milk-like substance that is being feed through a catheter that actually goes from a vein in her left elbow all the way into her heart! This basically bypasses her entire digestive system, giving it time to settle down. We could see a difference already in her energy level. She lost 9 lbs over the past 11 days; if you know Katy, you know there’s not a whole lot left to lose (if you like math, you can calculate her weight by knowing that she lost 10% of her weight :) )! We’re very thankful that the TPN IV was put in right on time (a little early even!).

Also, the doctors decided not to give Katy a platelet transfusion for two reasons: 1) she already had the TPN put in which was the most risky bleeding-wise, and 2) the Maryland doctors will need to do blood work on her when she gets there, so it needs to be completely her blood or the results will be off.

As for Katy’s spirit, she is doing well and is cheerful. I even got pictures of her reading your comments! I hope to post those soon - maybe tonight - on a Photo Journal page for all of you to see. She was very encouraged by your comments. Thanks for leaving them!

Thank you for praying for us. We feel so much support and have a clear sense of God’s kindness to us. He would be just as worthy a Savior if things had gone terribly bad today, but He chose to bless us in so many ways.

Here are tonight’s prayer requests (if you’re up this late):

  • That Katy’s steroid medications would not cause harmful side-effects, but would properly target and settle her bowels.
  • That Katy would not have any more muscle spasms. She has had three bouts of torticollis (mostly affecting the neck) in the past week, which have left her worn out and sometimes a little scared.
  • That Katy would not get any infections from all the work that has been done on her today.

One final note - I received corrected information on previous blog entries, so I went back through and edited some minor details.


  1. Donna Caldwell Says:

    I only found out this past Sunday about your illness. I’ve been praying for you daily since then. I know God’s healing and loving hand is upon you. Please know I think of your family often and miss seeing all of you. Please do what the doctor’s say and get well soon. You are such an inspiration to others.
    Love and blessings to you,
    Donna Caldwell

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