Saturday, August 12, 2006

Time with Katy

Over the past 11 days now, I have had the opportunity to experience Katy’s gracious attitude in the most difficult circumstances. At times she has expressed a desire to go to the home waiting for her in heaven, and it grieves us to see her suffer that much. But through it all, she has not lost her temper, or even questioned why God has led her to this place. Even during one of her worst nights we talked through her pain and planned a vacation at the ocean; every detail. We planned her dream Wedding including her choice of flowers and music.

Once during our trip to the medical library in the hospital, she used the computer to view Katysblog. There, she read everything carefully until she got to the facts of HPS. She exited that section quickly and I asked her if denial was good. She said, “Yes, denial and chocolate; both are good!”

Her sense of humor is intact and I am sure your answered prayers are sustaining her. I would also like to mention that the help we have received by way of hospital relief has helped Paul and me get some rest at home. Trisha Ferris came to spend the night with Katy last night and brought her an electric blanket! It kept her so much more comfortable. I only mentioned to Trisha that Katy shivers at night and after clearing it with hospital maintenance, the problem was solved. Dawn Ives will spend the night tonight and stay through the morning so Paul and I will go to church. Watching the church and the body of Christ work together for the encouragement of Katy and our family has meant so much. Katy hears about all these things because we tell her and I want you to know she is praying for many of you!

Yesterday we went on a short walk in the hall. She asked me to look into the rooms and describe the people. We got to the room next to ours and I descibed the elderly lady in the bed. Katy had noticed that the lady moaned all night and that no one had come to see her because we would have heard visitors (thin walls) when they talked. When we got back to her room she said, “Mom, will you go visit the lady next door and take her one of my flowers?” I did. Things like that are the treasures of time with Katy.

  1. Lael Moreland Says:

    Oh goodness. What a blessing Katy is!
    Thanks for giving an update from your perspective.

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