Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Great Start

It’s Tuesday and we are off to a good start this morning. We think we have solved the mystery of the blood sugar problem. Paul prayed Sunday night that whatever was wrong would be corrected quickly and that Katy would get the rest she needed. His prayer may have been answered early Monday morning. Katy’s TPN pump sounded an alarm and gave me a “malfunction” message. I was unable to successfully restart the pump and called the Pharmacy. It took 7 hours to get a new pump delivered and running so Katy was able to be free of her tubing and TPN backpack which she stated, “was a birthday bonus.”

Since reconnecting to a new pump, I have not had to give her a single insulin injection! If I’m right, the problem was the TPN pump not giving her the proper amount of nutrition, throwing her sugar levels off. The small pump is a computer, and as we all know, the technology is terrific when it’s running right.

We had several short and sweet visits from friends yesterday. Katy was so happy. As Ryan Kirkwood wrote on her blog, inspite of all the hard stuff of late, she was here to enjoy her day. When she can have a celebration with cake she has requested “Death by Chocolate” from The Wildflour, a local bakery. What a girl!

  1. Katie Bowles Says:

    Hello Katy! Wow, I haven’t seen you or your family in a long time. I think we need to change that. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling too well, but I know things will get better for you soon. Lynne came to my house lastnight for dinner with my family and I told her I wanted to come and visit you. Hopefully I will get to come see you soon. I was reading everything on your website, guess what, you arrived in the U.S. the day I was born. (May 2, 1989) Well I’m in school now and I’m getting ready to leave but I hope you are feeling better. Tell your family I said hello.
    Love, Katie Bowles :)

  2. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Hi, Dawn!
    Happy belated 22nd birthday to Katie!
    Your home balance and calm along with your abiding faith are certainly having a wonderful influence on her and her recovery.
    You’re in our thoughts and prayers. Sorry, I hadn’t put this blog in My Favorites and simple couldn’t recall what it was…a bit of “half-heimers,” I’m afraid.
    That’s quite a wooden swing you have…and Katy & Paul looked great outside together. How is her dog taking to all her absences, etc.?
    Where are you working?
    Ib has been gone for 3 weeks…so soon after being overseas in Azerbaijan for 2 more weeks. I looked at the calendar on Saturday and realized he has been in Kansas City just 3 weeks since Feb. 23

  3. Lynne Kilburn Says:

    Hi Katy!

    Glad you had a good birthday. “Death by Chocolate” - how wonderful would that be!! When you are ready for cake, day or night, call me and I will bring it over and just the two of us will eat the whole thing!! I don’t share chocolate with just anyone!!

    Sounds like you are feeling a little better each day, which is what everyone is praying for, as well as some good restful nights.

    You are always in my prayers.



  4. Katie Bowles Says:

    Hey it’s KT again… I work at a store called Katie’s Ice Cream and Chocolates. When you’re feeling better I can bring you any ice cream, yogurt, ice cream cake, chocolate(s), or candy that you would like. Just let me know what your favorite is. (your family as well)Have a great rest of the day.

  5. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    What a way to go!!!!! Last year I was at NIH for my birthday getting a lung lavage - Ryan bought me the most wonderful chocolate cake from some local French bakery! Karen was there with me - she can back me up on this - it was YUMMY!

    Mmoe later - first day back at work, and I’m buried in work! And now I’ve got a craving! Grin!

  6. Lynne Kilburn Says:

    Hi Katie,

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and let you know that I am using it at work to help educate some of the students that pass through our office. We are partnering with VCOM at Va Tech and have anywhere from 1 - 4 medical students per month that spend time with us. I show them your blog and give them the web address, as well as tell them some about Kristi and some of her experiences. If the future professionals in healthcare can walk in our shoes just a little, maybe things will be a little better for the next one of us that is in need of medical care.

    Thanks again for sharing with all of us.


  7. Karen Tillman Says:

    Hey Katy,

    I am so sry that I missed you b’day, and a few other days before. It has been very busy, and I have been a little under the weather, but I am up and running once again!!! We were out of town on Monday, so Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I’m so glad that you are here, and getting better!!!! Gotta run, as I am going to take a short nap myself before I fix dinner. Take care
    Love and God Bless
    Karen Tillman
    Regional Coordinator, Mid Atlantic USA
    Hermansk-Pudlak Syndrome Network Inc.
    NC phone # 336 954 3604
    NY phone # 1 800 689-9477
    my email till3604@bellsouth.net

  8. Aunt Judy Says:

    Dear Katy,
    Whoops! It’s been several days since I’ve been on the computer. I did remember your birthday I just didn’t let you know I remembered it! (: So now I’ll say HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    It’s been a busy few weeks. This past Sunday I started teaching 1-3rd grade Sunday school. It requires a bit of preparation but it’s so much fun! Then on Tuesday Wes and I started school and in the afternoon Nate and I went to pay his tuition and buy his books. Gulp! Today was the first day of COOP. I have seven wonderful knitting students. They are all so excited to learn! I have ten Jr. High Drawing students and they are really enthusiastic and excited about improving their drawing skills. Happy, excited students make teaching a pleasure.
    I’m so glad to hear of your daily strenghthening. You are a blessing to me. I concur with your parents that the whole Campbell family recieved a blessing from the Lord when He allowed you to become a part of our family.
    God Bless you dear Katy.
    Aunt Judy

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