Saturday, September 30, 2006

Health Update

Last night I attended a special event held in Roanoke once a year. It is an elegant dessert reception fundraiser for the Blue Ridge Women’s Center. The Center offers hope and help to women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. It is one of Katy’s favorite things to attend. However, she woke up yesterday morning unable to eat again. Her pain levels had climbed to a “10″ and she was in distress. We prayed fervently but as the event drew nearer, a fever started and things got worse.

Being on the Board of Directors of the Blue Ridge Women’s Center, I had to leave to go to the event and Paul stayed home with Katy. When I arrived at the Hotel Roanoke, I felt flustered, and unable to concentrate. During the evening as friends inquired about Katy, I would ask them to pray. One of them said, “Let me pray with you right now.” This happened several times throughout the evening and as soon as the event was over I called home to hear that Katy had eaten two small bowls of rice! When I got home I went to her room to check on her and the fever had broken!

Paul Burton slept on the floor of Katy’s room last night so that Paul and I could get a good night’s sleep. As we were saying goodnight to each other, Paul Burton said, “If you need me for anything, I’m right here, Katy.” I just checked on them and they are both sleeping peacefully. In writing this blog I am so grateful for family, friends, and prayer. In times of distress there is nothing like calling out in prayer to Emmanuel (God with us). He said pretty much the same thing Paul Burton did, “If you need me for anything, I’m right here.”

  1. Jen Larson Says:

    So glad to hear you improved over the course of the evening! I was one of those praying. Dawn, thanks for all you do for BRWC!! Paul, thanks for staying with Katy so Dawn could attend the reception. Paul Burton, I am inspired by your love for your sister. Thanks to all of you for modeling Jesus’ love to the rest of us!

  2. LInda Burk Says:

    HI all.. I have updated myself on Katy’s blog..sorry to hear Katy is still has been a busy week dad is back in his group home and hospice has been called in to assist my family with final decisions. What a wonderful caring group of professionals the Hospice organization is..we too, are blessed. A note from Mary Fenlon, they have two more grandchildren on the add to their five..a busy family……how is Collin’s wife feeling these days..the baby will be here soon, right? May God continue to give you the strength to fight for and with Katy..blessings, Linda Burk

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