Saturday, September 02, 2006

Moving Forward

Today has been a wonderful Saturday! The two days of rain moved out this morning, leaving blue skies that were calm and clear. The temperatures also lowered to the 70s, so it was very pleasant outside. I ate my lunch on the back porch and basked in God’s goodness.

Speaking of eating, I was getting tired of pureed baby food. So for dinner, I tried a stage 3 meal, which contained small chunks of vegetables and other food. I ate a small bowl of turkey and rice. The pain was minimal, I had no acid reflux, and the food stayed down. Actually, my stomach is feeling very content right now! I am excited and hopeful, because this is the first time I’ve eaten chunks of food without having any problems.

Mom and Dad went into the Office today, so they could play “catch up” with business details. They were able to accomplish a lot, while also spending some time together. Paul Burton stayed home with me this morning. Then, we had some church friends, including two children, visit for the afternoon. The children obeyed their mother’s order to, “make Ellie exhausted” by playing with her outside, and she has been sleeping ever since they left!

Before my afternoon nap, I was able to finish 3 loads of laundry for Mom and fix my own lunch. I am very thankful for the continued assistance of my family. I would not be doing so well if it were not for their love, support, and prayers. However, it felt refreshing to “give back” by helping around the house. These jobs were small and routine in nature, but gave me a sense of accomplishment and independence.


  1. Candice & Crystal Sipe Says:

    Hi Katy! We are so glad to hear you had a wonderful Saturday. What an encouragement to hear that you are feeling much better. Praise God!! You have been such a blessing to both of us. We always look forward to reading your blog updates and talking to you on AIM. Please know that we are still praying for you and know the Lord will continue to give you strength during this time. We will talk to you soon.
    Love your sisters in Christ,
    Candice & Crystal

  2. Carson Kistner Says:

    Hi, Katy,

    I drive by your house so often, coming and going from RFBC. I am trying to make it a habit to pray for you each time I pass by.

    Julie was home for the first time this weekend since she moved to Charlottesville in early August. She studied most of the time, however! Says that’s ALL she does now except for classes and labs.

    I’m thankful to hear that you are making steps of progress in eating “real” food!

    You are an amazing young woman whom God is using in remarkable ways. In your weakness, it is obvious, many are seeing His strength!

    Much love and many prayers,

  3. Dan Says:

    HAPPY BRTHDAY KATY! You ROCK! I know your birthday isn’t until Monday, but I wanted to make sure I put up a special birthday banner on your blog tonight.

    KATY, you inspire me. Even as you go through this hard thing, God is keeping you. He is an amazing God that can keep us through even the hardest times, and He deserves all glory, and honor and praise. We can take heart and know that He is God and He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.

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