Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pampering Ourselves

Paul called at 2:30 this afternoon to ask how Katy was doing today and we were in the midst of trying on fall outfits from last year, and taking stock of what was needed for this new cool weather we’re having. Earlier I painted her toes and fixed her hair so I told her daddy that we were doing great! We were playing! We were painting our toes, trying on clothes, giggling, and having fun. After I hung up the phone Katy said, “Mom, we’re having one of those days we promised ourselves when we were at the hospital.” Yes, we were. We were living our dream! It makes me want to climb a mountain to the very top, raise my hands, and shout, THANK YOU GOD!

In other big news, the PICC line is out. Nurse Becky explained the process to Katy, snipped the stitches, and began pulling. It took no more than 10 seconds to be free of the line that sustained Katy for the past 6 weeks. Katy and Becky hugged each other and got all teary. Becky said it was special for her because it was such a happy ending. Yes, it is!



  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Woooohooooo! bye bye picc line! Praise God! And congrads on a truly wonderful day! I’m swamped, so back to the salt mine for me!

  2. Cecelia Says:


  3. Linda Kochendarfer Says:

    Talk about “before” and “after” shots! WOW! The ability God has given you to climb over obstacles is truly amazing. Reading that you and your mom painted your nails reminded me of Crystal and Candace’s collection of nail polishes; when you meet in early winter, make sure that’s on your agenda. It was so good to hear the strength of your voice on the phone last night. Have a great Wednesday and know we love and pray for you throughout the day.
    Mrs. K

  4. April Lang Says:

    I think I just gained 10 lbs by seeing that glorious dessert picture on your webpage! SO VERY VERY GLAD YOU ARE DOING SO GREAT!!!!

    Love you!

    April :-)

  5. Kristin Dunker Says:

    As always, I check your blog for updates, and am delighted by all the delight to be found on it lately! I just thought of you and your mom today as I’m planning an Autumn Tea Party for some ladies at our church. You two are the quintessential “tea party-ers”! I know you’re enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve been having… Happy Autumn! *Hug* from, Kristin

  6. Jess Lankford Says:

    Hey Katy!
    YEAAA! I’m so glad that you are rid of the PICC line! You look awesome in your picture! (I’m always thankful for a picture - it is so much fun to see how good you are looking!)

    I’m in FL without the kids - Josh had a conference for work to attend and I’m here with him. It’s so strange - I miss them so much - they are my sunshines…so even sunny florida isn’t quite as sunny without them!!

    Hope you continue to have a great week! When do you get to have that yummy chocolate cake? Can’t be long now!!!

    Love ya!

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