Thursday, September 28, 2006

Princess Katy Goes to Washington

We have a big surprise to share with you today. As many of you know, we have been meeting new people though the HPS Network. Two very special people are Candice and Crystal Sipe. They are twins adopted from India and also diagnosed with HPS. They are 26 years old and live with their parents in Arizona. The girls began chatting by computer, then by phone, and have developed a genuine love for each other. Candice and Crystal along with their parents were being flown to Washington DC to be honored at a Gala held at the National Geographic Society. We got a call from Donna Appell, founder of the HPS network, asking us to bring Katy to Washington to surprise the twins. We left Roanoke on Wednesday afternoon and Katy was hugging the girls by 6:30 that evening. Katy sat at a dinner table with 10 other new friends living with HPS. Candice and Crystal were born just 500 miles away from the orphanage where Katy was found. All 3 girls have similar mannerisms, likes and dislikes, allergies to certain foods; and considering the rarity of the HPS genetic disorder we are all wondering…could it be these girls are related? Check out the pictures posted here and under the Genetic Alliance Gala (under the photo journal menu).

There is nothing like being one of God’s kids. He has been so faithful to us at every turn. It is no coincidence that we have found ourselves surrounded with the loving support of the HPS network. We see His hand in everything. Imagine Katy’s delight in also meeting Dr. Francis Collins last night (someone she had read about in her biology book). He is known around the world for mapping and sequencing human DNA. You can read more about him at (click on “About NHGRI”, then “Director”). He is the Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. He told Katy he had heard about her already! He also told her he was a Christian (had been an Athiest) and just finished a new book, called The Language of God in which he states, “God is most certainly not threatened by science, He made it all possible.” Katy is planning on reading his book and discussing it with him when she sees him in Bethesda.

After the evening was over we settled Katy in the back seat with a blanket and pillow and took her for a ride around the city. The White House was all lit up. The Washington monument was also. This is an amazing Country filled with amazing people. As marvelous as it all is to be a part of something like this, the best is yet to come. As our great God prepares a banquet for us just think about meeting Paul and Barnabas, the disciples, and the Samaritan woman. We’ll have all of eternity to discover scientific secrets, and those things that are hidden from us for now. What an exciting adventure!

Can this really be happening??

“Profiles of Courage”

  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    I just missed my bus so I hopped on to see if anything had been posted. Wow! I knew all the girls looked alike, but now seeing the three of them together - wow! That’s just amazing!

  2. Larry Pierce Says:

    They sure do appear as if they could be related! We are excited for you.

  3. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Campbell family,

    We just returned from our vacation and the first thing I checked on my computer was Katysblog! What can I say but, WOW! God is so amazing and good! A dream to meet girls like Katy fulfilled — a dream that God placed in your hands in the midst of the valley of illness and great difficulty. How sweet God is to lead us through darkness into blessings we never would have known otherwise! Stay strong. We love you!

    In His grip,

  4. April Lang Says:

    See you soon!

    April ;-D

  5. Paige Patterson Says:

    I can’t believe how wonderful this website is! It gives us so much information and insight into your life and the struggles you are now facing! I want to cry every time I read your moms journal entries! I am so amazed by your kind hearted and lovely spirit.. you and your mom and whole family. You can find joy in the smallest and most miniscule things!! Things I take for granted every day!
    I do know that God is working in many of our hearts because of you and your family! He has shown me the pure joy and love that he can give to a person, even in their hardest times. I wish every day that I could have your outlook on life. I often do not stop and take the time to appreciate things like painting my toe nails, and enjoying the food that I eat!

    Thank you Katy and Dawn for the love of God that you show to us all! I can’t wait for more updates!! The trip to D.C. sounded amazing!! I can’t believe the ways that God continually amazes us! (you do look ALOT like them!!)

  6. Jen Larson Says:

    Missed you at the dessert tonight. Praying for you!!! Hugs to you all! =)

  7. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    Wow! What a God! What an opportunity!

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