Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunny Sunday

It was another pretty day. Church was great this morning. We have a kind and loving congregation at Wellspring Presbyterian Church, and it was good to worship together. The rest of the afternoon was spent with family and friends. I played a new board game with my brothers and sister-in-law on the back porch. The game was a birthday gift from Colin to Jenn. It’s called The Settlers of Catan and it’s a lot of fun. I am feeling free during the eight hours I am off the TPN. Paul Burton had to give me one little shot of insulin this afternoon, but my blood sugar has been stable the rest of the day.

This picture was taken yesterday. I have had such a wonderful weekend. I hope you did too.

Katy on the Breezeway


  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    You’re looking great Katy!!!!

  2. Jess Lankford Says:

    Hey Katy!
    We love Settlers!!! :) I’m glad that you have been introduced to the game - now we’ll have to play!! Steve and Colleen are also in love with it! Colleen is very tricky though - she’ll act like she’s not paying atttention and than BAM!!! she wins the game!!

    I’m glad that you had a good weekend and that you are getting some time off TPN! (Is the plan still to be totally off by the end of the week?)

    Everytime we go past your house - Noah points and says “Katy’s house?? Katy’s house??” (We pray for you before bed I think he’s starting to make the connection - so exciting!!) :)

    Love ya!

  3. Andrea Russell Says:

    Hi KATY,
    I just found out about your Blog!!! I hope your getting better and stronger each and every day. I havent been in church for a while but I’ll be back September 30th and I hope to see you there with your infectious SMILE !!!!!Take care sweetie and your in my prayers!

    Love Andrea

  4. Karen Tillman Says:

    Hey Katy,

    Isn’t it wonderful to be back in church!!! I know after a long illness how much it means to worship with others. I mean it is nice to worship at home, bt there is nothing like being in God’s house. I am counting our blessings everyday as you get better and better. I am at the hospital today and just had a few minutes and an available computer to check up on you. It is rather slow here today which is good. Gotta run for now.
    Love in Him
    Karen Tillman
    Regional Coordinator, Mid Atlantic USA
    Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network Inc
    NC phone: 336 954 3604
    NY phone: 1 800 789 9477
    my email:

  5. Carrie Thompson Says:

    You look great! That’s one nice skirt. :-)

    We are having so much fun at TI. Dad will join us Tuesday night.


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