Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Through the Valley

The effects of drugs on the human body are a mixed blessing. The pain relief drug Katy had been on was so wonderful during the worst pain she has ever known. Now it is playing with her mind like the pestiest mosquito on a summer night. We are staying busy tonight by researching things on the internet and carrying on conversations about our day. All of it is a distraction from the buzzing mosquito! This afternoon we stopped using Ativan so Katy could think clearly and stay awake. Now she is taking Tylenol and doing fairly well. The shaking is intermittent now; a sign that things are settling down from what they were during the night. If Tylenol alone will keep her comfortable that is a giant step in the right direction. In a few days the pain patch will be eliminated, and hopefully things will go as well as the first “step down.”

The healing forces in Katy’s body continue to soldier on. She is eating food and enjoying it. The pain during the night is much better and after the past 4 nights of sleeping sitting up, she is lying down again. The second dose of Nexium before bed has helped tremendously. We have been in touch with NIH and it appears we may be going to Bethesda the third week in October.

Katy’s shopping trip last night (via the internet) yielded a new camera. She has been saving for it and felt like it was time to make the investment. She is anticipating taking MANY pictures at NIH and of course there is the arrival of her baby niece or nephew in November. The “tough” really do go shopping!


  1. Dottie Frazier Says:

    Katy, you look so beautiful in the picture taken Sunday. I am praising outr Great God for His healing. I go by your home on the way to Rainbow and I always offer up a prayer for you and your family. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I know they feel bledded to have you. You are specill!!!

  2. Dottie Frazier Says:

    What typing!? Sorry

  3. Karen Tillman Says:

    Ah yes, shopping!!! Always works for me!!! GRIN Isn’t it wonderful to have a store right at your fingertips!!! Hang in there girl, it will all be better soon. And I am thrilled to hear about your upcoming trop to NIH. I am sure you will find it a little overwhelming at first, but as you settle in. You will come to find it the most secure feeling place on earth. I am always blown away at the knowledge that is housed in such a place. And the docs and nursers really do care!!! Btw….we joke that the acronym for NIH is Nurses In Heaven, as that is how the nurses there see themselves. Anyway gotta run. You take care girl.
    Karen Tillman
    Regional Coordinator, Mid Atlantic USA
    Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network Inc.
    NC phone # 336 954 3604
    NY phone # 1 800 789 9477
    my email

  4. Laura Griffith Says:

    I hate that you have to go through so many hoops to get better. I’m glad you have a goal in front of you for Oct. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and before you know it…you are running :) Ya’ll are in our prayers.

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