Friday, October 06, 2006


We spent a few hours today at the Oncology center in Roanoke meeting Katy’s hematologist. She is very sweet! She was born and raised in India near Hyderabad so we told her the story of Candice and Crystal. She was so animated as she heard the story. She told Katy that she and the twins were very fortunate that they are here in this country where medical care is available for them. Afterwards, Katy and I talked about all the other things available to us for our comfort when we hurt. We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for her flannel sheets, and electric blanket.

Our pastor, David Blugerman, came to our home late this afternoon to share scripture and communion with Katy. It was such a special time. I had to take a phone call but when I returned they were bowed in prayer and had such a sweet prayer time. After he left, Katy told me she felt refreshed. I’m glad he came.

Katy’s headache was almost gone by this morning. It was a blessing. The misery she is dealing with in her digestive tract today is zapping enough of her strength. We pray the medication she is on will begin to turn things around quickly. She has lost 5 lbs since last Friday. We rely on the goodness of the Lord, knowing it is all in His hands.

  1. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Katy and Dawn,

    I am so relieved that the headache has subsided at least. Once, I had a headache induced by medication, long story, and yes it definately gives you a new appreciation for those who suffer with migraines on an ongoing basis. On the plus side God has allowed me to forget about most of that day. I am sure the drugs I had that day didn’t hurt either, as they were supposed to make you forget. We are so blessed to be in America. It is amazing how people with disabilities, especially visible ones are perceived. In some countries albinos, are cursed, in others we are considered gods and goddesses. Thankfully, in the good ol’ USA there isn’t such extremeism towards us, and medical help is only a mouse click away. Like you I feel so blessed that God placed me where he did. I hope that you continue to get better, and we will continue to held you up to Him.
    Take care
    Karen Tillman

  2. N, age 8 Says:

    I am sorry you are sick. I am 8. I have HPS too and I am from India too and we have the same glasses and same skin and same blonde hair like when you were little. I go to the school in 2nd grade.

    I hope you feel better.

    Your friend, N

  3. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Dearest Katy, Dawn, “Paulie” and Paul Burton

    I’ve been wanting to call you in eve for days, but it gets too late! I’m sorry I haven’t touched in lately, but I pray for you all daily. I haven’t read all the blogs, so I’m anxious to know what the research center in - Maryland? are planning for you, Katy. Will you go there? Do you know when? My “long-distance” prayer, Katy,is that God will use you to bring some really great break-throughs in effective treatment for this condition. That would be the “gold lining” to such a difficult thing. and I suspect you are praying for the same thing.

    I’m going to be “preaching” at our son John’s church Sunday, as they are on vacation. God gave me a message and I’d appreciate your prayers for His anointing as I speak. I truly LOVE to proclaim the Lord’s word so this is a blessing for me. My title is “Compelled to be..AMBASSADORS OF RECONCILIATION”. If you’d like to read my written copy,I’ll try to attach it to an email for you. I won’t read itin the service! But I like to have a written message in case I need reminders. I’ll just use a brief outline reminder but have the pages with me, too. This will be the 3rd time I’ve “preached” - once in our church here, once in the Florida Brazilian congregation, and now at John’s church. I have always felt such an anointing. I CRAVE to preach His word, and I hope I have more opportunities. Giving missionary talks is very different.

    God bless you all, loved ones. You could visit the Oregon & Washington deserts, east of the mountains and come see us in our big house here. :+)! You’d love the peace and privacy. Much love from both of us, Aunt Lil, for Uncle Tony, too.

  4. Hancocks Says:


    We are praising God that your headache is almost gone! AND that you have a doctor who seems to care so much. It’s also wonderful to have pastors who tend to their sheep. God is so good!!!

    Keeping you and your family in our thoughts today.

    Love you,
    Sonia and the rest of the clan

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