Friday, October 27, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request

We are once again asking for your prayer this morning. Katy’s condition is not good and has not improved since moving to UVA. Paul & Dawn feel like they’ve come to a standstill with the hospital staff and that it is best to move Katy either to another hospital or home.

  • Please pray for wisdom as they make this decision today. They are exhausted and need divine intervention to make good decisions.
  • Please pray for relief and rest for Katy. She had a miserable sleepless night last night and is not in good condition for a move right now.
  • Please pray that “the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Thank you once again for your petitions on their behalf.


  1. Davey Says:

    Our God will supply all our needs. He has promised it to us! Praying for you all.

  2. Sandy Says:

    Prayers continue! I will let the HPS group know about this too.

  3. Barbara Walker Says:

    Dear Katy, Dawn and Paul,

    It is so difficult being in a different hospital away from home!!

    Praying for rest and peace for all of you in this stressful (putting it mildly) time. Doing without the needed rest clouds everything!

    Our Lord promised us in Phillipians 4:6,7 that if we pray about everything and not worry, that the peace that passes all understading will be ours. Praying for that for all of you. May God bless you with his power and grace right now in a huge way.

    Love in Christ,


  4. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Campbell family,

    Dealing with the issues surrounding HPS can be very difficult and frustrating at best I’m afraid. There were times when I just wanted to give up, but fortunaately God nor the doctors gave up on me. It is so hard and I know very exasperating when there seems to be no easy answers. It is funny how all of us with HPS are so different, but I can assure you that we have all endured the struggle of unraveling what is the best treatment options for us in the beginning. As a matter of fact I’ve gone through it twice in my life, and each time it took months to develop a line of treatment. Once as a child and once as an adult, and both times we wondered if I would make it. And by the grace of God I did. The problem is…there are no HPS experts per se’ in the world. You may have a doctor here or there that have treated a patient or two, and that doc can tell you that each of us have our own unigue set of problems. You do not know how badly I wish Katy didn’t have to suffer, as suffering is so difficult, and watching someone especially your child suffer is literally almost unbearable. I will continue to pray for God’s hand on your family, and still recommend keeping in touch with the staff at NIH and the network as much as possible. While they may not have quick answers they can surely be a mountain of support for you during this time. I will pray that God will give you the patience to make good decsions, and pray that the doctors would hang in there with you. I will also pray that Katy will improve VERY VERY soon. I know that God hear and answers prayers, as I shouldn’t be here but I know that because people prayed for me I withstood the storms, and know that it will help me withstand the storms to come. God bless you all, and try to get some rest. Thanks again for keeping us updated.
    Love Always
    Karen Tillman

  5. Adam Thompson Says:

    Praying for you!


  6. Elizabeth Harris Says:

    Sweet Katy,

    I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I pray that God will releave your pain so that you, and your mom, will get the rest you need.

    I read the blog about you being able to go out and about the hospital. You are your mother’s girl. I had to smile when I read you put on your make-up and off you went! :)

    I pray that Jesus will hold you close tonight.

    I love you girl,

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