Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Afternoon

We went to visit the doctor today and Katy had quite a bit of blood drawn. We will have to wait for twenty-four hours on the bacteria cultures since it takes time to grow them. We hope the bacteria in her bloodstream is completely gone. The other tests might reveal what is wrong with her hands and feet. Today Katy’s feet are too tender to walk on them without intense pain but she still wanted to go into the health food store and walk with me. We found an herbal body soak that is supposed to draw toxins out of the skin. It smells like juniper and eucalyptus. So we came home, made ourselves a cup of tea, and soaked her hands and feet in this fragrant hot water therapy. We bought a big bucket for soaking her legs back when she had all that bone pain, so I set it up for her and she slipped her feet into the water. She sighed and said, “Oh Mom, I feel so loved!” Maybe I have the world’s most tender heart, but it does something to me to see her so miserable and yet so thankful. It has humbled me to tears many times and today was one of them.

This morning we read from Lamentations 3:58. “Oh, Lord, Thou has pleaded the cause of my soul.” Of this passage Spurgeon wrote, “A grateful spirit should ever be cultivated by the Christian; and especially after deliverances we should prepare a song for our God. Earth should be a temple filled with saints, and everyday be a censer smoking with the sweet incense of thanksgiving. How joyfully Jeremiah seems to be while he records the Lord’s mercy.” “Oh Mom, I feel so loved,” sounds like a great song to me.


  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    I was just checking in to see if there were any doctor developments today. Ohhh…I bet that leg bath smelled GREAT! I”m on a tea kick right now so the tea sounded good too. I went to the store and every kind of tea sounded wonderful! I bought mint tea, orange spice tea, chai tea, and apple cinnimon tea - aaaahhhhhh…..just the tea bags smell wonderful. Grin!

  2. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    A nice long soak? Wow that sounds wonderful!! I sure could go for that.
    Thanks for so faithfully keeping us updated! I’m praying that the bacteria is GONE and that you’ll find relief from this foot and hand pain. Keep enjoying those soaks!!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  3. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Hey Katy, Just popping in to see how things are going and hoping all the blood work came back okay. I’m frantically trying to get ready to leave for Wichita and I’m not sure how much computer access I’ll have over the next few days - so if I don’t pop in for a while you’ll know where I’m at! Grin!

    Praying for you always!!!!

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