Monday, November 06, 2006

Nov. 6 Daddy's Birthday

We visited the hematologist this afternoon, and while we were waiting to be seen by the doctor Katy dictated today’s post. Before I write out the things she wanted to say, I will bring you up to date on Katy’s visit today. Her doctor became quite concerned when her lab work came back during our visit. Katy’s platelet count three weeks ago was 140,000. Today it was 20,000. She suggested admitting Katy to the hospital tonight, but I know too well that we would be there sitting, hour after hour, while Katy shivered on a gurney half the night. I knew she would be better at home, and Paul and I can care for her until morning. We pray for wisdom all the time, and believe we are doing the right thing. However, in the morning a decision needs to be made about Katy’s care. Obviously something has drastically changed. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

To Dad from Katy:

Happy Birthday, Daddy. Let me start by saying that I love the way you take care of me and protect me. In the middle of the night when you come to give me my medication you leave the light off and wear your small headlamp so the light doesn’t hurt my eyes. You are always thinking about details like that. You could complain at that hour and you could be grumpy but you kiss my head and call me princess instead. How can I ever thank you enough for all the research you do on the internet to protect me from some of the wacky drugs some doctors wanted to “try?” Thank you for all the times you’ve knelt by my bed to pray for me. I’m praying for you, too. I know you’ve spent a lot of time away from your business because of me, so I’m praying that God will open the windows of heaven and give you your best year yet. I’m thankful for your character and thankful for your strength. I hope you enjoy all the shirts you got tonight. I chose red for you, because it seemed like the right color for an engineer who is looking to replace all the powder blue and khaki in his wardrobe. Love, Katy

  1. Jennifer :-) Says:

    Katy girl, you’re making me cry here. :-)

    I’ll be praying that ya’ll know how to best take care of Katy. Hang in there–God is FAITHFUL!!!


  2. Lynda and Jim Says:

    Katy, Dawn, and Paul,

    We love you and are praying for God’s wisdom for you.

    My eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign Lord;
    in you I take refuge. Psa 141:8

  3. Rich Kochendarfer Says:

    It’s early in the morning and I am in the middle of my quiet time but I wanted you to know I will return to the Lord right now and pray for wisdom for you and your folks regarding your platelet levels. Your Wellspring family loves you, Katy. But God loves you more. Rest in the Shepherd’s arms today.
    Mrs. K

  4. Grandma & Granddad Says:

    Katy, and Paul and Dawn,
    We love you, Katy, and trust you to our Lord Jesus. You are precious to Him and precious to us. We know that Our God will take care of you. You are such a blessing to all of us. We hope to see you soon.
    Grandma and Grandad

  5. Laura Griffith Says:

    It’s great to know you have such a loving earthly father because it allows you to know how much more loving your heavenly father is.

    Happy Birthday Paul!!!

  6. Fairlight Says:

    Praying that God will give your family and your doctors much wisdom in addressing this new concern, and that He will guard your hearts and minds with His peace in the midst of it. So glad that He gave you such loving parents to battle through this with you, Katy!

  7. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Happy Birthday Paul!

    Katy, what a sweet message for your dad. Don’t lose heart about the platelets. That can happen. Lots of things can cause it. Might be the bacteria - who knows. I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of it, but if that means having to go back to the hospital, don’t get discouraged!!! I know that might seem like a setback, but it isn’t necessarily. It’s just a bump in the road and you’ll keep getting better. You’ve just got to ride the wave, treat whatever is making the platelets wonky, and get back to IMing with the twins. Grin! I’ll be praying for wisdom for your doc and your family to figure this out and resolve it soon.

  8. Sarah Meador Says:

    Katy, that was beautiful. I read your words with tears in my eyes and astonished at the continued amount of amazing grace and beauty the Lord has given you. I see a true reflection of our Father in you. You continue to praise God even in the storm of life on this earth that He is leading you through. Your lips are forever filled with prayers for others. You are the most thoughtful person I have ever known. I praise God for the great things He has done and that I see Him doing through you. I pray this day that God would provide an extra measure of His wisdom, guidance, and love to you, your family, and the doctors, as to the right treatment for this loss of platelets that has occured. Take peace in the knowledge that He is both our Abba Father and the Great Phycisian. How comforting is that. :-)

    With much love,

  9. Patricia Hagsten Says:

    What???!!!???? Paul is actually going to dress in bright colors???? Way to go!!!! You may have to drag him kicking and screaming all the way into the 21 century…..but he can do it!!!


  10. Karen Tillman Says:

    Sry this is a little late…..but anyway HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PAUL!!!