Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today Paul and I stopped what we were doing several times to just thank God for His mercy. Not the quiet little “thank you.” I’m talking arms in the air and BIG praise.

Katy finally fell into a deep sleep this morning around 5AM and slept until 10AM in a chair. For most of the night she writhed in pain radiating from her spine into her legs. Paul and I tried everything to comfort her but there was no comfort and no comfortable position. She begged for pain meds but I had already given her the limit for her weight. Paul and I prayed over her for hours until at last we were just silent and had no words left, only groaning. Meanwhile, Katy cried for hours. At 5AM she asked to be taken to a chair to sleep upright. Sometime between 5AM and 10AM there was a healing that took place. I was sleeping on the couch across from the chair she was in and I woke up at 10AM to see her in a deep relaxed sleep. I was almost afraid to wake her for her morning medicines. She opened her eyes, smiled, and said, “The pain is gone!” Her fever was gone. Throughout the day her ability to walk around and move without pain improved steadily. Maybe the three doses of Cipro have something to do with this improvement, but we are grateful to God for once again carrying us through a hard night. I am hoping that she will soon be able to write herself, because she has so much more to share than we do.

Several weeks ago during one of her hospital stays I was singing old hymns to Katy. I sang the words “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.” That was as far as I got because I started to cry. She dried my tears with her hands and said, “It’s OK mom, I understand why you are crying.” I’ve sung that song many times but I realized that I didn’t really mean it. Could I say, “Cause her to suffer if that is Your will?” I could not. In spite of all He has done for me, I recognize that I hold back from freely giving. It has been a tremendous step forward in my walk with Him to see with my eyes the reality of Katy’s suffering, and say with my mouth, “He will redeem this, in this life or the next; I trust Him.”

  1. Sara Says:

    Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord … lift up your hands toward Him for the lives of your children. Lamentations 2:19

    I thank God and praise Him for your faithfulness to His word. You are so blessed and are such a blessing to me.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us through this site. God is so good and His faithfulness reaches to the sky. You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily.
    I love you and wish I could be there to give you a hug.

  2. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Campbell Family,

    I am once again amazed by the strength God has granted to you, and am extremely greatful for Katy not having a fever, as I know how serious bacteria in the blood can be. Sometimes it is very difficult for us as humans to freely give anything. It is only when we put our trust in Him, and ask for His help that this can be accomplished. It is only through Him that we can freely give. I personally could’ve never gotten through all the things I’ve endured if it were not for our loving Father. Please know that although I’m not doing much posting lately, that Katy and your family are constantly in my prayers and on my mind.
    Take care, and thanks again for keeping us updated on her progress. To God be the Glory, Great things He hath done!!!! And has yet to do!!
    Karen Tillman

  3. Jen :-) Says:

    It is so hard to read about you in such horrible pain Katy. The thought of you crying just cuts my heart but something I’ve realized, is that even when there’s all the bad in a post like this, there’s always some good that comes out at the end of it. And for that I’m thankful. Praise God for His healing you and taking the pain away! I pray that it lasts. :-)
    hang in there,

  4. Elizabeth Harris Says:

    Dawn and Katy,

    You are both so special to me and it is hard knowing you are “walking through this valley.” But KNOW that as you walk through this, and share your journey with us, our faith is growing more and more and we are being challenged to want to know Jesus even more. Thank you for allowing us to share this with you, in prayer, in tears and in thanksgiving.

    HE keeps on making a way,

  5. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Hello Katy and family!
    I’m so glad to hear you got some good sleep and some time pain free! I only hope you’ve continued to improve hourly since Dawn had a chance to post last. I’ll echo Karen’s comment above. If a day goes by that I don’t post, never ever for a minute think that I’m not thinking of you and praying for you. I’ve had a bit of an HPS girlie weekend and I’m just feeling really drained and tired. I hate it when I feel this way because there is so much work to do, and there are days when I get very impatient. I want this disease cured, and I want it cured NOW! And when I can’t get things done at the speed at which I know they need to be happening, I start to feel really frustrated. The silly thing is I know how dumb that is. I know things all happen in God’s time and I just need to “chill out.” Grin! I know how frustrating it must feel to be in the midst of an acute flair up that doesn’t seem to be knocking into remission with any great speed. I know all too well how hard it is to be patient. Keep hanging in there - it will get better. I’m eagerly awaiting more news of great sleep, and maybe some nibbling. Grin!

  6. Jess Lankford Says:

    Hey Katy, Dawn and Paul!
    I’ve missed this blog so much in the past 4 days! I traveled to SC to be with Josh’s family for a long weekend. I didn’t have internet so I was “STUCK” as it were - waiting to hear the news of Katy’s fever, anxious to hear that things were better.

    I’m humbled by reading about Dawn’s desire to “freely give”. I know I’m not at a place where I could say that about my kids and it just shakes me - I get a little glempse of how much more sanctification I need - how I need Jesus to be bigger and my wants, desires, comfort ect… to be less…. Thank you for continuing to teach us and for your faithfulness! We love ya’ll and continue to pray!


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