Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Evening

It has been another happy day. We got up and had breakfast with Mom and Dad, and they left to continue celebrating their anniversary by stopping by a German restaurant for lunch on their way home. After they left, Katy and I went to the hematologist. On our last two visits Katy was in a wheel chair and couldn’t finish answering all the medical questions being asked of her because she was just too weak. Imagine what it was like for Dr. Mallidi to walk into her office and see Katy hop up to greet her. It was another “holy moment” and the happiness on all of our faces told the story. She just kept smiling and shaking her head as if to say, “This is amazing!” That’s answered prayer!

All of Katy’s blood work showed signs of significant improvement today. Although she is still anemic, an iron infusion is no longer necessary. Her levels have come up so much that if Katy continues to be able to eat, she should be at normal levels soon. Her platelet count is holding steady at 179,000, her feet and hands are healing to the point that she was walking most of the time today. One thing Dr. Mallidi encouraged us to do was back off Katy’s steroids as soon as possible. She believes the swelling in her neck is coming from the steroid use. We want to do that, but need to be more conservative this time, because she had her worst HPS flare-up when we backed her down too quickly after her first hospital stay.

The weather here has been warm and beautiful today so after we left Dr. Mallidi’s office, we drove to a favorite book store and shopped with our coupons. We stopped for lunch, then did a little more Christmas shopping before coming home. We had a real bonus day. I made up the term “bonus day” for winter days here in Virginia when the jet stream comes from the south and the atmosphere turns balmy and sunny for a day right in the middle of winter. It usually snows or turns bitterly cold the next day, but on a bonus day, neighbors come outside and wash their cars, laundry gets hung out on the line, people walk their kids and dogs, and everybody feels refreshed. That’s a bonus day. By the grace of God, we had ourselves a real bonus day.

  1. Sarah Meador Says:

    Yes, weren’t today’s temps absolutely wonderful!! Always so glad to read of another great report from your doctors. What a treat it had to have been for everyone to see you walk in for your appointment today, Katy! Replying to the sweet message you left on my xanga page; I would LOVE to spend an afternoon with you one day over Christmas break. It would be a true blessing for me. Just let me know when you’re availible and feeling up to it. :-) Continuing to pray for you!

    Love you much,

  2. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    That’s such great news!!! The steroids is a tough call. I know where you’re coming from on wantint to be conservative about the taper down.

    And German food! I love to cook German food, but very, very rarely get the chance. I love Rotkohl! And Sauerbrauten! Yummy!

  3. Martha Harrison Says:

    Katy and Dawn,

    What wonderful news to hear how you have improved over the past week! Yes, God is so good - ALL THE TIME! It’s in the midst of trials that we experience his goodness, and enjoy those Holy Moments! You are reaping the dividends of one who has relinquished your total being to Him in faith. I am so thankful you are enjoying food again, and even second helpings!!

    Congratulations to all of your family on the birth of your parents’first grandchild! Speaking as a proud grandmother myself, there’s nothing any better! I know you will enjoy your new little niece….Aunt Katy has a nice ring to it; you will be a blessing to her and a good role model. I’ve been enjoying the pictures on your blog. How nice that your grandparents could spend their 60th Anniversary with you. I can see how God’s love has been passed down through the generations. That is the greatest blessing anyone could ever receive!!

    Thank you so much for the sweet note, and I do look forward to sharing time with you and your Mom sometime soon….Christmas tea sounds yummy!

    Love and prayers, in Jesus,
    Martha H.

  4. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    Hi Katy,
    My heart is so full of joy and thankfulness hearing about how well you are doing. It simply is incredible, but then again, we have an incredible God!!
    And the pictures are wonderful!! I’m glad you guys had such a blessed time. :-)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  5. Karen Tillman Says:

    I am with you on this bonus day stuff!!! The weather here was abslutely wonderful, even with the on and off rain showers. I even went walking myself this evening. Btw….I think you are very wise about the steroid taper, at this point. Anyway, thought I’d just check in before going to bed.
    Love Always
    Karen Tillman Regional Coordinator, Mid Atlantic USA
    Hermansky Pudlak Syndrome Network Inc.
    NY home office 1 800 789 9477
    NC phone: 336 954 3604
    my email:
    my website:

  6. Doris Harriff Says:

    I do know that the steroids affect the facial appearance, and in the latest pictures of Katy, her face does appear to be much fuller than in the earlier pictures. I had experience of that once many years ago, when I was in college, and taking cortisone for an inflamation of the retina. Everyone thought I was gaining weight! (I only weighed 110 then). By the way, how is Katy’s weight coming along? Mike (my son) was asking about that.

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