Monday, November 27, 2006

Today I took Katy for more lab work and found that her white cell count was now down to the normal range. (from 11 last Friday to 7 this afternoon.) That was very good news. So the “lurking infection” seems to be under control and can only be explained as another answer to prayer! More bacteria cultures were drawn as a precaution due to swollen lymph nodes around the old Hickman site. Katy’s platelet count was down again. In the last ten days she has gone from 272,000 platelets to 189,000. This has prompted us to schedule another visit to her hematologist. Maybe some of the HPS community could email us if you have solved the case of the disappearing platelets!

In other news we stopped by the hospital again today to have another look at Annelise. Then on the way home this evening Katy said, “You won’t believe what I’m having a craving for; a hamburger!” She was right, I couldn’t believe it. She hasn’t eaten a hamburger in about two years. I was reluctant to get her one, knowing how hard they are to digest, but she not only ate one without pain, she ate two! For those at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reading this blog, Katy is eating and digesting food better than she has in a couple of years. She’s now eating about 1,600 calories a day. That has made a huge difference in her energy level. It is a joy to see her back on her feet again and doing things around the house. Her steroids were cut again today by 5mg, so she will be at 45mg per day until the next reduction. Things are holding steady and it is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. In fact, during the night I gave Katy some medication at 2:00am and she slept until 7:30am. Having that many hours of sleep in a row is a real treat, and I believe a sign of healing.

We are convinced that the prayers of so many of you have sustained Katy through four months of a brutal ordeal. Prayer sustained her when she was unable to eat. Your prayers for her medical team here in Roanoke gave them wisdom to understand this disease, and then treat Katy. Our family has learned more about prayer and the power of it than we ever would have known without the trial. We have asked God for the miracles as well as the simplest things. There were days that I prayed to hear Katy laugh, just once. Thank you, as you prayed for the big things and the little things for us. I saw this quote Sunday and will leave you with it as a reminder to enjoy asking our heavenly Father for your own needs.

“Those who have not learned to ask God for the childish things will have less readiness to ask Him for great ones. We must not be too high-minded. I fancy we may sometimes be deterred from small prayers by a sense of our own dignity rather than God’s.” -C.S. Lewis

  1. Lisa Patterson Says:

    I think being an Aunt agrees with you. You look great in the pictures with that sweet baby. We will continue to pray for the details in your life. What a wonderful feeling to be eating again. Such small things that we take for granted until they are gone. You are truely a miracle of God!
    Blessings to you today

  2. Jess Lankford Says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m glad to hear that Katy is eating so much! Two burgers - I’m impressed!!! *GRIN* I agree with Lisa - being an Aunt must agree with you!

    Dawn - it’s funny that you listed that quote…I was doing the bulletin last week and as I was putting it in, I totally thought of you guys and how you have been so faithful to pray for even the smallest things. I ALMOST sent you the quote - but figured you would see it Sunday morning! :) Too funny!

    Love ya’ll!

  3. Julie Wensley Says:

    Katy - What a sweet picture of you and Annelise. Babies are amazing aren’t they? I can hardly wait to hold her. I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of babysitters, but if there is . . . we’re definitely available.

    I am so thankful for all of you. It is good news about your white cell count. I’m trusting and praying with you that the mystery of the platelet count will be solved soon. (That sounds a little like a Nancy Drew book!)

    We love you!

    ~Aunt Julie

  4. Sarah Escalera Says:

    Katy — I loved getting your comment on my blog! Praise God you are feeling better enough to read blogs again! I have been following your healing journey and I pray for you each time I read an update…..oh and congratulations auntie!! :)

  5. David and Lizi Says:

    We praise the Lord for his goodness. It has been a blessing to us reading about your wonderful progress!
    Love Lizi and David

  6. Adam Thompson Says:

    Yes, PTL for the good news. :-) I like the C.S. Lewis quote. Thanks.


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