Thursday, November 09, 2006

We've Good News

Very early this morning the lab reports came back showing Katy has 2,000 more platelets than she did yesterday. She is moving in the right direction WITHOUT A TRANSFUSION! In addition she has been able to eat 2 more jars of baby food and crackers today. Right at this moment we are in the hospital medical library reading the blog. I wish I had the camera! I have one of those ear to ear grins, my heart is filled with gratitude, and I’m asking, “God, What are You up to?” I think He’s showing us some GLORY! What do you think?

We send our love from RMH! Dawn and Katy

Update from Paul: After Dawn wrote this post, we received confirmation that the infection Katy has been fighting is associated with the Hickman port that supplies her nutrition. This means the Hickman port will need to be removed. Even though she is eating some, Katy knows she is not yet able to eat enough to sustain herself. We praise God for the progress she is making, and ask for your prayers as we consider our next steps. She will probably need another type of temporary port while her body continues to build back up.

  1. Trisha Ferris Says:

    There’ll be spaghetti dinner at the Campbells house sometime after 5:30. I wish Katy could have it, but her diet right now sounds miraculous. The rest of you enjoy!
    Praising God for the improvement in platelets.

  2. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    That’s great news!!!! Chow down Katy!!!! Grin! On a deadline - will write more later!

  3. Bob, Amy, Emily, Meredith and Abby Says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Keep them flowing, Lord!! Thank you, Jesus!

    Praising Him with you and sending our love,
    The Collins family

  4. Barbara Walker Says:

    Dear Katy and Family,

    Don’t you just love it when He shows Himself in such a fine way?! I wonder if anyone has kept track of the number of prayers answered directly as requested since your blog has been posted. I think it must be an amazing amount, but then He is an amazing God!!

    Katy, its wonderful that you are able to eat even a little bit. That’s a miracle in itself! You even got out and voted - what an inspiration you are to us!

    We are praising Him for these wonderful answers to prayer!

    Love in Christ,


  5. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Katy! So glad to hear the good news :) How faithful is your Father that as you trusted Him to take a trip to the hospital, He blessed you with healing!

    I’m really hoping to come visit you over Thanksgiving break - Kendall said he’s been wanting to see you too :) I’ll come prepared to talk politics! ;D Hope we can work that out! You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Jennifer :-) Says:

    YAY Katy!!! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing so well!! Keep up the eating and I know that the Lord will bring your platelet count back up quickly. He is so good!!
    Thank you for the encouragement. :-)

  7. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    David, the kids and I are in Philadelphia for a CCEF (Christian counseling)conference as you probably already know. We hate being so far away, but thank God once again for Katysblog! Yesterday was our day to explore the hisoric sites, and would’nt you know it… it was raining cats and dogs all day! But we trudged forth anyway, determined to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and of course, Campo’s (a deli famous for their Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches)! Emma and Matt were very good sports under such rotten conditions! Armed with rain boots, coats and umbrellas, we waded through 8 inch deep street corner puddles and a steady rain that soaked every possible inch of our bodies. It’s one thing for a 5 year old to walk block after block in the pouring rain in order to see Micky Mouse or Cinderella. It’s quite another to expect them to be excited about such circumstances when the goal is to go see a giant bell (and a broken one at that), or a bunch of old tables and chairs in some old building! ;-) But God granted them much patience and grace. They complained very little and enjoyed the nice, hot Philly Cheesesteak and lemonade as a reward. Get better soon, Katy girl! I can see you in the streets of Philly soaking up, not rain like we did, but all the awesome historical sites. We hope to come back some day when it’s sunny, and take in the Betsy Ross house and all the other amazing sites associated with our country’s birth!

    “Proclaim Liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.” This verse from Leviticus is inscribed on the Liberty Bell. Sounds a little like the Great Commission! We are so blessed to have a God who has granted us spiritual liberty — freedom from sin! Hang in there, Katy! We can’t wait to see you when we get back on Sunday!


  8. Dave Mac Says:

    I just wanted to say hello to Katy/ her family and friends, Katy’s good friend Laura always gives us updates, and I regulary check the site myself now anyway, and I just want to say that Katy is constantly in my prayers. The human body is one of God’s most amazing creations, and I hope Katy’s becomes more healthy soon =)

    -Dave Maciborski, Nazareth PA

  9. Larry Pierce Says:

    Dear Katy,
    We are continually amazed at God’s goodness and power at work! To him be all glory as he works out his perfect will in your life. May he bless you with lots of good nutrition and strength today!
    We love you!

  10. Kristin Dunker Says:

    Hi Dawn and Katy!
    Wanted you to know that we’re rejoicing in your jars of baby food with you :-) I always thought plums and pears were the best.~ Trusting that God is sustaining your spirits in the hospital - we look forward to more good news soon!
    On another note, I was cleaning out some drawers yesterday, and came across a very old folder from a 4-H charm class that Dawn helped teach. (the things I keep!) Do you remember? I was thinking that was probably the very first time I met your family. It’s been SUCH a blessing to know you over all these years!
    Love and a hug,

  11. Laura Griffith Says:

    Glory….we were trying to figure out the definition of that word in our small group last night for our German participant. Although hard to grasp, I believe God is indeed showing his glory. I’m glad the infectin site was found and hopfully no transfusion was given. We lift you up daily before the throne!!

    In Him,

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