Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Things Were Pretty Exciting Around Here"

Those were the words the night nurse greeted us with this morning. Paul and I went home last night after Katy had settled in with her blood transfusion going smoothly. About thirty minutes after we left, her heart rate began to slow and then fell so sharply she lost consiousness. For the next four hours the hospital emergency response team worked on Katy to try to regulate her heart beat and keep her going. She remembers waking up to a room full of people caring for her, and the presence of Jesus keeping her from feeling any fear.

Meanwhile, Paul and I slept soundly at home. I woke up at 7:30 this morning and thought, “Well, no calls from the hospital, it must have been a good night.” So again the Lord was merciful to all of us. Throughout the day, Katy’s heart rate fell off at times and she was seen by a heart specialist this afternoon. He has ordered a test for tomorrow and there are a few more things her doctors are wanting to look at before trying to reinsert a feeding line. It is all in the Lord’s hands. Our confidence is in Him.

During the day when her heart rate dropped I thought humor might pick it up a notch. So I asked Katy if we could play a small trick on the nurse. She wanted details and I asked her if when the nurse brought in her IV drugs I could ask if she was hanging a bag of flatulence (the drug is really called Flagyl). Katy howled with laughter. I worded it another way, “Katy could really use a bag of flatulence about now.” She giggled and laughed and with her head under the covers she huffed, “Mother! Don’t you dare!” It got her heart rate up just thinking I might. Then she reminded me that darling Kristen Dunker had just recalled in a recent comment that I had taught her “Charm” class several years ago. So I didn’t do it. If tomorrow she is still having trouble with her heart pumping too slowly I’ll read her this post. I know it’s a bit crude, but her laughter lit up my heart.

A friend from Missouri came by the hospital today. She was visiting her daughter in Annapolis, Maryland. She and her daughter drove nine and a half hours round trip just to say they loved us and to bring flowers and two rolls of fruit flavored lifesavers for Katy. It was such a sweet and amazing thing! God has blessed us with the dearest friends from the very beginning of our married life. We have been surrounded by precious people like that, and like you, who read this blog and pray. I was dreaming the other day about how it would be when Katy is well and we could have a big BLOG reunion. I’d love for you all to know and meet each other because you are so filled with the goodness of God. But then, that is just what heaven will be like.


  1. Bob, Amy, Emily, Meredith and Abby Says:


    As I am laughing, I am wondering exactly what you might have taught in that “charm” class!!! I am so glad to hear that there is laughter—it is definitely good medicine, better than some of those others that Katy has had along the way!!!

    You are all still on our minds and in our prayers daily.
    Much love,

  2. Jennifer Wellington Says:

    Dear Katy,
    We are friends of the Poes, both Larry and Sally, and David and Heather. Reading your blogs over the past few weeks has been so encouraging. I have been praying for you.
    We have a daughter named Katie, also. The Lord brought her into our lives 19 years ago, and has allowed us to care for her…until He calls her home one day. You see, Katie is severely mentally retarded. The Lord used her in a mighty way to bring both my husband, and myself, to Him. He used her to say, “You are not in control, but I am.”
    The Lord has put a love in our hearts for our Katie that I could never have imagined. Katie has given us a greater gift than we can ever give her.
    Oh, how I hope that you, Katy, can meet our Katie, some day, Thank you for all of the encouraging posts, and the committment of the entire family to continue to post, despite sleep depravation.
    Only thru Christ, and with a most grateful heart,
    Jennifer Wellington (for the Wellington family)

  3. Jillcha & Sidu Says:

    Dearest Katy,
    It is such a blessing to read how close you have come to His Highness. The more I read the blog entries the more I want to praise Him. Our prayer is with you, everyday.

    Katy, I have a question for you. Do you think Jesus would mind if a young man, who just came to the Lord prays a prayer like this - “ What’s up Jesus? I don’t know how to pray. Good night?�?

    Lots of hugs and kisses.

  4. Jess Lankford Says:

    Hey guys!
    You all sure have had an exciting couple of days! :) Josh and I are smiling, thinking of you teasing Katy! You all are so precious!

    I read this verse today and thought of you all…”Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because WHEN he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” I was just pondering how the verse said “when” instead of “if”…and how that just adds such comfort for me!

    Noah tried to give Ellie a raspberry today (I think he may have gotten hair in his mouth…). She is a very good dog to put up with raspberries! :) He is also into cooking - and he made a pretend cup of coffee for her - which he told me she liked very much! We are having so much fun with her! ;)

    Love ya!

  5. Jennifer :-) Says:

    Hi Katy,
    I’m glad that the doctors were able to keep your heart rate monitored. I’ll be praying for the doctors tomorrow.
    That whole flatulance thing was pretty funny. I’m glad that it got Katy to laughing. If she’s interested in getting something funny each day, sign up for the Good, Clean Funnies. –their e-mailing list. They have a lot of funny stuff that comes out each day.
    Laughter is indeed one of the best medicines. :-) Keep laughing, Katy!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  6. Martha Harrison Says:

    Dear sweet Katy,

    I cannot tell you what a blessing it is for me to read the messages from your Mom and Dad. Their deep faith, and your’s thru these tough and trying times, is inspiring. What a testimony of loving trust in our Lord Jesus! I know, as Christians, we are all called to bring glory and honor to His name no matter how difficult our circumstances, but sadly, we forget, and self-pity sometimes takes over. I just wanted you to know how much your family’s spiritual strength and wisdom has helped me deal with some of my concerns and needs.

    Bless you for getting out of bed (when you didn’t feel like it) and going to vote!! The snapshot your Mom took showing your “I voted” sticker and your beautiful smile is priceless. I worked there at R.F.Baptist Church precinct Tues. morning from 5:00 AM until 1:00 PM, so I just missed you. Usually I see your parents when they come to vote, and I thought of them that day, but didn’t know how you were feeling, or if they could work the voting into their day. What a wonderful thing you did, Katy, again an inspiration to all who know you. Botetourt County has started a “Split Shift” plan for those who work at the polls, and that’s just what I needed, so I asked to have the morning shift. It works so much better for me not to have to stay from 5:00 AM until 9 or 10:00 PM which is a very long day! I sure am sorry I wasn’t there when you came, though!

    Gee, this note has gotten lengthy. Hope I haven’t worn you out. Again, just wanted you to know my husband and I will continue to pray for you each day. God is working… His wonders to perform. He loves you so much, Katy, and so do I!

    Martha Harrison

  7. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    HA! I’m laughing again! That’s too funny!!!!Yep, laughter is the best medicine!!!!! And playing pranks on nurses is fun! Lets see - before you went into the hospital you were looking for news from the outside world, and now that you’re in there, I bet you’re craving more news. Hmmmm…..trying to think of things I can tell you. Ryan called me tonight. His tummy is acting up again so he’s on the prowl for a GI doc instead of the general doc. He’s okay, not to worry, but he’s trying to be pro-active. I’ve decided to go spend Thanksgiving with my grandma in Wichita. I had four HPS friends call tonight and all asked about you. I’ve been cleaning house today, and I’m not even half finished. The place is a pit! All this freelance work and fundraisers and trying to work on things for the HPS Conference - and well, cleaning has just had to wait. The fall leaves here are beautiful this year. For some strange reason I LOVE walking through piles of them and hearing them crunch. I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet today (looking for things I could donate to the food barrel at church) and I found a roll of cherry lifesavers and I started cracking up! We continue to pray for you and your family here in Kansas. Stay well! Get better! Laugh often!

  8. LInda Burk Says:

    HI.. I am glad Patricia and Ellen were able to make the trip. I was soooo disappointed not to travel with them. I took care of my dad’s lunch on Saturday, had promised a casserole to Ann BUrk who is moving to a new house, witnessed my neice in her homecoming game at half time performing with the drill team,and was committed to other neighbors for Sat evening..My prayer was the visit would be a good time for all..I talked to Patricia on their home last night and she was thrilled. Katy was awake, Paul and DAwn were both at the hospital, and the flowers and life savers were a hit.
    Many blessings all around..yeah…………Have a wonderful day..and know you are loved….Linda

  9. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Katy,

    What an experience you must have had!!! Sounds like you enjoy giving everyone a run for their money there girl!! I’ve been known to do that a time or two myself, I guess. I am just glad that once again Jesus has carried you through. I will pray that your heart will get back on track, and that you won’t be to hard on the nurses. wink, wink Speaking of practical jokes, a preacher friend of my brother in law pulled a doozie one time. The nurse had left a specimen cup for urine… the meantime the gentleman poured his apple juice into the cup. When the nurse came back, and saw it. She commented that it looked a little strange. He picked up the specimen cup,looked at it for amoment, and said, “Oh it just needs to be recycled.” Then proceeded to drink the apple juice!!!! He said that the nurse’s eyeballs about popped out of her head. Now that is one not even I cuold pull off with a straight face!!! :-) Sounds like someone may have been in the hospital just a little to long eh? Anyway, take care sweetie
    Love always
    Karen Tillman Regional Coordinator Mid Atlantic USA
    Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome Network Inc
    NC phone:336 954 3604
    NY home office 1.800.789.9477
    my email
    my website

  10. Laura Pensack Says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! That part about the flatulence thing was purely AMAZING! Even I’d never think of something so funny. I’m sitting here in English class, and it’s a good thing that the teacher hadn’t started teaching yet because I was laughing SOOOOO hard! It’s great that you can still have such an amazing sense of humor. I love you Katy!

    Love ya bunches of bananas! :)
    +Shine the Light+

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