Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Church

I woke up during the night with my throat on fire. It was like I had swallowed a hot coal. My first thought was of Katy! I prayed that this would not be a cold that would be passed around the family. I am keeping my distance and I have been trying to stay out of the kitchen and away from food preparation in order to lessen the chance of speading germs.

Since I am chief cook and out of commission, tonight we sat down to a brief dinner of scrambled eggs. Paul blessed them as though it was a great dinner which I thought was sweet. My stuffy nose and sore throat kept us from going to our small group Christmas dinner tonight, where some really good things were going to be served, and our friends were going to be there laughing and having a good time. We ate our eggs and then I curled up on the couch for a movie. About 8:30 tonight someone pulled into the driveway. One of the couples in our group stopped in on their way home from the Christmas party and brought us a whole dinner. It was an amazing meal. There was ham, potatoes, fruit, broccoli salad, cranberries, deviled eggs, rolls and dessert! We looked at the clock and decided it wasn’t too late for a second dinner. (Second breakfast is done in Hobbiton all the time.) We set the table and had a fantastic dinner. Our friends even included festive Christmas dinner napkins and a gift for Katy and me.

I’m probably embarrassing them by blogging about this, but it is a picture of “the church” that is sometimes overlooked. It is good for others to see your light. When a church family is in need, or a need in the community is brought to the church’s attention, a healthy church will reach out as Jesus would. I’m thankful for our church members being channels of blessing upon blessing to us. By doing this they are demonstrating to others the love of God as found in a church family. Blog readers, if you have not experienced what this is like, a New Year’s resolution may be to seek it and I promise you will find it. We have always been on the giving end until these past several months. Now that we understand what it feels like to be cared for by the church, it strengthens our resolve to get back up, dust ourselves off, and give some more.

  1. Laura Griffith Says:

    I’m glad to be a part of the “church” with you. Sorry you are down with the cold and I do pray that you heal quickly and the rest of the family stay healthy. I hope you get to be in the kitchen during Christmas.

  2. Candice & Crystal Sipe Says:

    Hi Dawn! We hope and pray you are feeling better today.
    There is so much sickness going around these days. We are trying hard to stay away from big crowds right now. At the same time it’s hard to escape the colds and sickness, with the business of the Christmas season. That was so wonderful of your church members to bring you dinner and everything. What a blessing! All the food sounded really yummy. We love potatoes!! Talk to you soon. Love, Candice & Crystal

  3. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Hey there! Just thought I’d say hello from NIH!!!! Don’t do a Heather and wait too long to get that cold taken care of…..grin! I’ve STILL got mine. Praying you get over it soon!

  4. Doris Harriff Says:

    It is great to hear stories about the church being “The Church,” that is, what the Church of Jesus Christ is supposed to be. And it’s very good when the church reaches to the community outside the church, but the Bible makes it clear that the first priority is to the “Household of Faith.”

    “Behold, how they love one another!”

  5. LInda Burk Says:

    HI..I received the phone call at 4am.. my dad was I went .. I had the new fabulous Harp Christmas CD in my car. As I traveled to say goodbye to my dad I could only think of the angels singing, welcoming my dad into heaven. I talked to Jackie and my mom and said be ready DAd wants to come home for Christmas..well I stayed with DAd until 7pm..he is still with us..maybe tomorrow will be the day..but I am blessed with this beautiful music ,truly heavenly music, to ease my pain as I say goodbye to another family member.thank you for sharing this music at just the right time…….they say there are no coincidences???????????????? love to all, Linda

  6. Karen Tillman Says:

    Dear Dawn,

    I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. Many times the world views the church as just a place where a bunch of old fogies hang out. People who are just not with it. It isn’t until we talk about what our church has done for us that can even pique their interest. I know that over the years I don’t know where my family would be without some of the finest folks from Westover. Anyway, I just had to chime in as I don’t think your small group should be embarrassed at all. I think they will probably see this as an opportunity for the world to see your light via Katy’s Blog, and know that it is the real deal. Take care and tell everyone that I said, “Hello”
    Love Always
    Karen Tillman

  7. Lori Wentworth Says:

    Dawn and Paul,

    Phil and I will also celebrate our anniversary on Dec 29 - 16 years. You are both such an encouragement to us. We pray that our marriage will be as strong as yours.


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