Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An Update

Katy and I worked through the day by sleeping off our different miseries. I was thinking between naps that in heaven there will not be major illness like cancer and heart disease, but also absent will be viruses and head colds. The little bugs that take us down from time to time will be gone and will have no part in the heavenly life. While our time here is brief, when we’re sick the time drags on. When we purchase little boxes for our particular illness that say, “fast-acting,” it is never fast enough, is it? Well hallelujah, one day it will all be changed.

Late this afternoon we went to the hematologist for tests. Katy’s platelet count is a healthy 270,000. So now it is a mystery as to why her bones are aching so badly. Several times a day the muscles in her arms and legs pull and tighten then her feet and hands go numb. All of these symptoms were present when she had low platelets, so she was sure that the blood work would confirm the problem today, she’d take one bag of platelets to go, and would improve by morning. But since that isn’t the case, we have been praying about where to go from here. She is on some pretty strong pain medication for the night and we will see another doctor tomorrow morning.

Paul and I are so thankful for the wonderful rest we had last week. We sure felt refreshed. We stayed at the Inn at Grist Mill Square in Warm Springs, Virginia. We also spent some time at The Homestead and had our anniversary brunch there. We took many long walks and I even soaked in the natural hot springs known as the Jefferson Pools. What bliss! The underground springs rise to the earth’s surface and collect in a pool in the little town of Warm Springs. The water temperature of the amazingly clear mineral water is always 98 degrees. God Himself made the first hot tub, proving what Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” While vacationing we laughed, studied, prayed, walked, held hands, and relaxed. We also played a couple of Scrabble games. I think writing these posts has improved my Scrabble score. You’ll have to ask Paul what he thinks.



The Homestead Resort



  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    OOOHhhh..I’m sitting here with some aches of my own and that spring sounds sooo good! I hope you’re feeling better as well. Keeping you all in my prayers!

  2. Julie Wensley Says:

    You both look so rested and relaxed in the photos. I know you had a wonderful time. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better today, Dawn. We are praying for the bone pain, Katy. I’m thankful that most of your discomfort didn’t start until after your mom and dad returned home. And praise the Lord your platelet count is up, even though that adds to the confusing nature of this illness.

    We love you.

  3. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Paul and Dawn, Since I wasn’t available in Florida this year to offer you a get-away, I’m so very glad someone else did! And the house is still available - (for camping out!) until it finally sells. In the market today its not at all easy so it may be awhile. We hope and pray and lean of the Lord, as you do for a far more serious challenge. So sorry Dawn got hit with the bug right afterwards! With warm love and appreciation for you all! Aunt Lil

  4. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Mrs. Campbell, and I’m so glad that you and Mr. Campbell had such a wonderful time!! My parents are going on a little getaway weekend next week and I can’t wait. They’ve earned it!!
    Katy, I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. We prayed for you in our family devotions tonight. I trust that that doctors will be able to diagnose what is causing this pain. Until they do, hang in there!!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  5. Pete Pearl Says:

    The kids and I continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors and quick healing for Katy. I am so glad you and Paul had time away. Jenice and I got married at the Homestead back in 1993 so that area has a special place in our hearts. I hope 2007 brings many blessings to your family.

  6. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Just checking in to see how today’s appointment went. You all are on my mind.

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