Friday, January 05, 2007

Doctor Visit

The day started early. We had a better night’s sleep last night so one would think we could bound out of bed with gusto this morning to get to the hematologist on time. But the day is very overcast and drizzly. Katy and I have a theory that as the night falls and the temperature drops the linens on our beds begin to freeze. By the time we crawl in at the end of the day we shiver and shake. But by morning the linens thaw and the temperature under the covers is just right. On a drizzly day like today we wanted to pull the covers over our head and stay there. But we soldiered on. We arrived for the appointment five minutes late then waited an hour for the doctor. We took our morning devotions with us and made good use of the time.

The hematologist has suggested we cut Katy’s steroids and that the pain along her spine and nerves may be coming from a condition induced by the high dose of steroids. Katy has had Shingles before all the HPS symptoms showed up last July. So we weren’t thinking she could have them again. However her hematologist looked her over today and said that the nerve ending pain and numbness in her hands and feet are symptoms of active Shingles. When she suggested that, Katy said, “Yes, this pain is like the pain of Shingles!” That would also explain why the pain medication is not working well. Nerve pain is not controlled by doses of narcotics. So today we started cutting her steroids again and will taper them as long as Katy’s GI tract can tolerate it. I told the doctor that at this point we are frustrated that the steroids need to be high to keep her disease under control, but the medication is causing so much trouble. All of us agreed on that but when we discussed other courses of treatment, such as Remicade or Imuran, she did not think favorably on the idea. Since Katy was hoping for a new course of treatment she left discouraged. Therefore we stopped at Sonic for a comforting hamburger and a banana smoothie which Katy reports is settling nicely. So here we are back home relying on the mercies of God to see her through the pain.

  1. Sandy Says:

    Eek! Shingles?! I’m glad the doctor recognized it and there is an explanation for the pain. I hope the tapering off from the steroids goes better than before. I continue to lift you all in prayer.

  2. Kristin Dunker Says:

    Hi all! It’s been ages since I’ve “Left a Reply” although I still keep up with life at the Campbells everyday. I thought I’d share today an amazing song that has been of tremendous hope and comfort to me lately. I hope it speaks peace and trust to you tonight too. Praying for the pain to subside with you! I think I’ll go make myself a banana milkshake…that sounds devine! Happy New Year!

    God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform. He plants His footsteps in the sea, And rides upon the storm. Deep in His dark and hidden mines, With never failing skill, he fashions all His bright designs, And works His sovereign will.
    –So God, we trust in You, O God we trust in You. When tears are great, and comforts few, We hope in mercies ever new, We trust in You–
    O fearful saints new courage take, The clouds that you new dread, Are big with mercy and will break, In blessings on your head. Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, But trust Him for His grace. Behind a frowning providence, He hides a smiling face…(chorus)
    God’s purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every hour. The bud may have a bitter taste, but sweet will be the flower. Blind unbelief is sure to err, And scan His work in vain. God is His own interpreter, And He will make it plain…(chorus)

  3. David and Lizi Says:

    Lizi and I continually pray for you and your family.
    We will pray specifically that the lack of steriods will not have a negative affect on your disease and that you will be relieved of the shingles.
    God bless you and your family for your wonderful witness!
    David and Lizi

  4. LInda Burk Says:

    HI.Thank you Katy for the very thoughtful sympathy note. We have peace in our hearts that DAd has joined mom and Jackie. Today is SAturday, my day to visit with DAd. I miss him. We feel overwhelmed with the the kindness shown by our friends, again. WE have lost mom, Mrs. Burk, Jackie and now Dad in the last six years. Our friends have been there through it all. We are off to another funeral today. Mr. BUrk’s longtime neighbor passed away in his sleep at the age of 65.LIfe continues to be a mystery.
    Thinking of you and wishing you a happy day.
    love, Linda

  5. Patricia Says:

    Shingles are no fun, as you well know, Katy. So sorry you have to undergo another episode with them. I had them two years ago. My mother suffered for years repeatedly with shingles along her nose and in her one eye…what firey misery.
    We pray this second round with shingles will not be as intense or long lasting as the first.
    I believe that common wisdow says they are intensified by stress, so relaxation, peace and calm….may they be yours!

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