Saturday, January 06, 2007


Today was a good day for all of us. We got to work putting the Christmas decorations away and Katy has been busy on her computer. We were able to sleep several hours in a row again last night so this morning we felt more refreshed. Katy has decided to get beyond the pain from the Shingles by staying busy, and when she does that she is able to accomplish quite a bit.

We wanted to tell you another remarkable story about answered prayed that is most interesting. When Katy was in the hospital in October our friends David and Lizi came by to see Katy. Katy was in the middle of those terrible spasms she had been having and Lizi asked Katy if there was anything they could do to help. Katy said, “Sing.” So David and Lizi took the old hymn book that we left on the night stand and opened it to some of their favorite songs. They started singing. They harmonized and sang many old hymns of our faith, rich in theology. As Lizi was singing she was observing Katy and the way her hands and feet curled up during these attacks. They sang until the spasms stopped, kissed us goodbye and went on their way.

About two weeks later, Lizi called me early in the day to tell me that she had been praying to the Lord concerning Katy and her spasms. She told me that she had the unmistakable impression that the Lord said, “vitamin D.” She didn’t know what in the world to think of that so she told David and he said, “Call Dawn right away and tell her!” Before the phone conversation was over I had given Katy 1200 IU of vitamin D that I had on hand. Who am I to mess with answers to prayer when so many of you were praying for wisdom? By the end of the second day on vitamin D Katy stopped having the spasms and has not had one since. The calcium she was taking through the TPN was apparently not being absorbed properly without vitamin D. Since Katy does not absorb sunlight through her skin the way we do, she must have been deficient in vitamin D. Whatever the reason, the spasms stopped and Katy is careful to take calcium and vitamin D every day.

God can and does use all of us. Lizi has no formal training in medicine. She was born and raised in England, speaks with a lovely English accent, and is a wonderful artist. She inspires everyone she meets and David is crazy about her. Since she is a faithful blog reader, I’ll say, ” Happy birthday, Lizi, and thank you for being willing to ask the Lord for big things!” There were at least eight doctors trying to solve the mystery of the spasms, but God chose Lizi to deliver the answer. She takes no credit for that, but gives Him high praise for His mercy.

Lizi, seated in the lower-right corner:


David and Lizi:

Lizis Party 009-resized.jpg

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    Wow, God told you about the saline solution being one of the problems, and He told Lizi about vitamin D being one of the answers. Isn’t our God good?!
    Aunt Doris

  2. Katy Says:

    Dear David and Lizi,

    Thank you for being sensitive and willing to listen to the Lord. I reaped the physical benefits, but I pray (and believe) you’ll receive the spiritual blessings for being obedient to Him. Thank you, also, for singing to me at the hospital. I remember that day well and how your voices calmed the room amidst an otherwise chaotic event.

    Lizi, Happy Birthday! I trust you had a wonderful celebration.

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