Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One small sip at a time

Katy successfully completed her Barium Swallow test today, but it took nearly six hours. Normally the test would take about two hours. She was able to swallow a full cup of the Barium mixture, one small sip at a time. She was determined to get through it, no matter how long it took, because she wants to give the doctors as much information as possible as they seek answers on how best to treat her. After further conversations today with another doctor in New York who treats several HPS patients, they concluded that they need to do further tests before making any decisions. The doctor in New York said Katy’s symptoms are not like any other HPS patient he has seen.

Meanwhile, Katy and Dawn are resting at Mom and Dad’s tonight, in preparation for their trip home tomorrow. They were both too tired to drive home tonight, and decided the risks of fatigue tonight were greater than the risks of possible bad weather tomorrow morning. Please pray them home safely.

Katy has been able to drink enough that dehydration is less of a concern, and if she needs additional IV fluids she can get them in Roanoke as easily as in Charlottesville. God willing, she will stay home until the next round of tests are scheduled, whatever and whenever that may be.

I watched a little portion of our “Katy’s First Christmas” video yesterday. Katy was five years old, wearing pigtails and huge glasses (they were actually normal size glasses, but her face was very small), and Dawn was telling her the Christmas Story as she pointed out the characters in the Manger Scene. What memories!

  1. Jess Lankford Says:

    Paul -

    Thank you for the update!
    It is so good to know that Katy was able to complete the tests today! Katy sure is a spunky girl - I can see her with a determined look on her face - drinking that nasty liquid! I’m glad that they will be able to come home tomorrow - what a blessing! We will pray for their drive home!


  2. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    That stuff is truly nasty! Go Katy! I struggle to get it down when I’m relativly well - yuk!

  3. Andrea Russell Says:

    Mr. Paul,

    THANK YOU!, for keeping us all posted about what’s been going on with Katy while on her trip in Charlottesville. I have Katy in my Prayer’s daily, and now the congregation of a Baptist Church in Healing Springs has Katy also in their prayers. They pulled the Blog on their computer and are reading her progress daily too. We are all so encouraged by her in our walk with the Lord. It is great that she has now a team of doctor’s that are working on her to get her healed. And you have a ever growing prayer team. Your Family faith is such an encouragement to everyone!
    Love and great Blessing


  4. Tiffany Allen Says:

    What a trooper you are! I’ve heard that the barium swallow is pretty terrible. Keep on fighting the good fight!


  5. Doris Harriff Says:

    I’ve done the barium thing. It’s nasty enough when you’ve got a healthy digestive system. Katy, you’re a trooper!

  6. Karen Tillman Says:

    Oh yummy…..Barium cocktail… favorite!!! NOT!!!!! You poor thing, it used to take me awhile just to get past the taste, and then the after affects were definately no picnic either!!! I am so glad that you were able to give the docs what they needed, and hope the rest of your tests go much more smoothly.
    Karen Tillman