Thursday, January 11, 2007


I was remembering my grandmother this morning. It brought a smile to my face. She woke up singing every morning. When I stayed overnight with her she would wake up on a sunny morning and sing, “Heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine, filling my soul with glory divine, heavenly sunshine, heavenly sunshine, hallelujah Jesus is mine.” This morning I woke up at nine o’clock with the sunshine streaming in the windows and I remembered her little song. Katy slept all night and so did I. I didn’t even stir while Paul got ready for work. I felt wonderfully refreshed and so did Katy as we got ready for the day. And we had a wonderful day.

Katy and I went to Lynchburg with a Christmas gift card and we shopped the clearance racks at a major department store. We had a blast. We spent the whole afternoon having fun. Tonight we are both refreshed and happy and ready for what we hope will be a good night of sleep. This morning when I went into Katy’s room I asked her if she had gotten up during the night. She hadn’t. She told me she felt pain even while she slept but her sleep was deep and refreshing. There is no other way to explain a good night of sleep with pain other than the mercy of God and answered prayer. We are so thankful for both!

Today we got the word that Katy’s insurance refused her request to see a doctor in North Carolina that we had been hoping to see. The doctor in North Carolina did give us another recommendation for a doctor at the University of Virginia, so we are praying about that. We still do not have a doctor to address the part of Katy’s disease that is causing her the most trouble (inflammatory bowel disease). The doctors at the University of Virginia have not treated a patient with HPS, so we are back where we started. However, there is a good research department there and they are going to begin clinical trials on a new drug (Article Link). Again we need wisdom, and ask God for more of it. Our hope is not in any man, woman, or drug. Our hope is in the Lord, and if it pleases Him, He will use those means to bring Katy the relief she has been longing for. While we wait on Him, shopping is a pleasant diversion.

  1. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    I’m so glad to hear you had such a fun day!! And it’s so great that you got to go out and you’re not really tired or sore after it!! :-)
    I hope and pray you get a good night’s sleep tonight. :-)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  2. Patricia Says:

    Glad you could exprience a “normal” day together! I know, not the old normal but the “new” normal for somebody with on-going physical challenges.
    Lisa has struggled with the IBS for 8 years now. Dannon Yogurt has a liquid called DanActive (3.3 oz), available in some grocery stores and Wal-Mart now around here, which balances enzymes and bacteria in the intestines. She also now has a struggle with milk products but that small amount causes no distress. Of course, that affects calcium consumption, big time, so another challenge rears its ugly head….so weight-bearing exercise, exercise is the correct way to keep bones strong.

  3. Julie Wensley Says:

    Hi Campbells! We’ve been a little out of touch the last couple of days in Georgia - slow internet service made it a little difficult. But we have been keeping track of what’s going on.

    I remember the “Heavenly Sunshine” song and was thinking of another one.
    There’s sunshine in my soul today,
    More glorious and bright
    Than glows in any earthly sky,
    For Jesus is my light.

    Glad you’re still hanging in there. Hope to see you soon.

  4. Sandy Says:

    You made me remember my grandmother too. She also sang a lot, and she used to wake up my Aunt Mary by singing the “Mairsy Doats” song!! But I remember her singing “Children of the Heavenly Father” to me all the time. I sometimes still have a hard time getting through that hymn in church because I get so choked up.

    I know how frustrating it is to fight with insurance companies. I hope the “next round” leads you to exactly the right doctor.

    Prayers continue for you all from me. Take care.

  5. Candice & Crystal Says:

    Hi Katy!

    When I read your update, I was saddened to hear that your insurance company couldn’t get your request through. I know how much you were looking froward to seeing the GI doctor in NC. Obviously that wasn’t God’s plan. Crystal and I are praying that HE will direct you to a doctor in VA that will help you get the best care you need.

    We love shopping!!! Next time you plan a shopping trip you’ll have to take us along with you. LOL!! I’m just teasing!! I am glad you enjoyed your day.

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