Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday Music lesson

Katy had another piano lesson with our friend Carole today. It was good to have some time today to focus on something as great as music. Katy is also getting ready to make her first picture album using the Creative Memories Scrapbooking method. Jenn is coming over tomorrow to start her on her first book. We spent today deciding on which pictures to use and gathered the materials and stickers together. It should be very colorful and beautiful. She will be using all the pictures from her two mission trips to Jamaica.

At four o’clock today Katy and I were standing at our local library looking at DVDs and her phone rang. Katy’s primary care doctor wrote to her insurance company explaining the trouble Katy has been having and they were satisfied that paying for the specialist in North Carolina would be the best thing! We were amazed. By faith we decided the bills would be paid by God’s grace and we never canceled the appointment! We will leave early Friday morning and make our way to Chapel Hill. Katy is hopeful that this will be the right thing at this time.

Dan is now working on making this website a place where Katy can also post her writings and thoughts. The katysblog website will soon have a new look. Some of you have expressed a desire to read some of the news articles Katy will be writing and this will give her a space of her own for you to browse. She can also post her own medical updates when she feels up to it. I will have a place to write my thoughts about the things I am observing and find interesting, and hopefully you will find them interesting as well.

Our need for sleep tonight is critical. We are asking the Lord for His help. Katy was in quite a bit of distress during the night last night. We prayed often throughout the night for many friends and ministries. We are happy to report that our friends in India spoke to a crowd of 4,000 yesterday as people gathered around them to listen to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands believed and were saved. Tonight the mission team will fly to Paris and will be home tomorrow night. We are anxious to see them. Our devotion in Spurgeon this morning was about the help we receive from the Lord when we call upon Him. Spurgeon wrote as if the Lord were speaking. “I will help thee. It is a small thing for me to help thee. Consider what I have already done! I bought thee with my blood, I died for thee! Before the world began I chose thee. I made a covenant with thee, I laid aside my glory and became a man for thee, I gave My life for thee. And if I did all this, would I not help thee?” Thanks be to God who is our help and our salvation.

I will help thee, saith the Lord. Isaiah 41:14

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    Have you seen the scrapbooks done by Pat Harriff? I think she does an excellent job. She has some very old family pictures, and except for those that the dates are unknown, she has them divided by year. They are mostly family pictures, but some of our friends. Among them, she has a picture of Paul when he was a youngster sitting on an old discarded car seat in our yard, playing around with my sister Mildred’s mandolin. Did you get a copy of the CD of pictures she made for family members? It includes that one, but it doesn’t come near including all of them.

  2. Fairlight Says:

    Praying that the Lord will grant you rest and refreshment tonight…

  3. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    Hi Katy,
    God certainly is pouring blessings upon you!! That is so wonderful about your insurance agency and doctor’s appointment. God worked that out so amazingly!!
    I pray you sleep tonight in peace and joy.
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  4. Jess Lankford Says:

    Good morning Campbell family! :)
    I’m so glad that ya’ll will be able to go to Chapel Hill! What a blessing that the insurance is willing to cover it! God is so good!

    Last night - before bed - Noah wanted me to get my computer out so he could watch his little ’signing time’ videos…as soon as I opened it he said “Let’s seek Katysblog” which I gladly obliged! He likes to look at the pictures of Katy and Dawn and then talk about you guys. (And every time we pass your house - he asks me what Katy is doing - to which I usually reply “she should be sleeping right now” and then he asks about Mrs. Dawn and I tell him you are either cooking or playing with Katy! *GRIN* God has given us a very special little guy who is concerned about you guys! :)

    We love ya’ll!