Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Night February 26, 2007

Pain level 10

Acid reflux: minimal

Calorie Intake : 1200

Fentanyl 12.5mcg, Prednisone 40mg, Nexium 40mg, Dilaudid

The pain in Katy’s bones and gall bladder is at very high levels. She is doing very poorly tonight. She has gotten very little sleep for two nights now, and is worn out. Her doctor has ordered tests to check her gall bladder, and is also talking to us about finally trying a more aggressive treatment for the GI problems she is having. But the gall bladder issue needs to be resolved before medicines are changed. Pray that the tests will reveal what is going on, and if Katy needs surgery, we will find the best physician to do it right here in Roanoke. God bless you all for helping us pray. Katy sends her love to all, she has not been able to sit at the computer to write very much. We are watching mysteries and good old movies during the day. It helps.

  1. Beth Sprankle Says:

    We are sad to know things are so hard right now. We are praying, and we send our love. Our amazing Jesus is right there with you, loving you soooooo much….

  2. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Katy, Paul, and Dawn,
    I am so sorry that the pain has gotten so terrible! We are all praying for you. I know that you are all exhaused and I don’t know why God is allowing this to continue, but I pray that He will be gracious and allow us to see Himself be glorified through it on this side of Heaven. You are teaching me (and many, many others) about what real perseverance looks like. If Satan is trying to get you to curse God, he’s got a real fight on his hands! I don’t think he ever imagined such incredible strength of faith in such a small frame! Good things truly do come in small packages! ;-) To God be the glory! May you fight on with the banner of Joy in your Salvation proudly before you!


  3. Sandy Says:

    Prayers continue from here. Hang in there, my friend!

  4. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Oh, Katy dear, indeed I am so sorry to see your pain level at 10! and needing Dilaudid. May our God of mercy soon find that “he can bear your misery no longer”…as we read today in the book of Judges…and bring speedy relief. Its hard for any of us to see purpose in our suffering, though we know there is; I often wonder how God can bear the suffering of innocent children who cannot understand any purpose in their pain; perhaps it is best expressed in what Jesus said “If anyone causes any of these little ones to stumble, it were better for him that a mill-stone had been hung around his neck and that he be thrown into the depth of the sea.” We know that human suffering all goes back to Satan’s victory over the first couple, but we also know that the Victory that Jesus bought is overwhelmingly greater - “and when you have been tried, you will come forth as pure gold.” God never wastes affliction! He will use your suffering for holy purposes, we know. May He soon grant you a way of escape, and His gracious presence and power to endure at this time of pain.

    With loving prayers, Aunt Lil