Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Sweetness of Friendship

Today Katy stayed in bed most of the day, but at four o’clock I woke her up and convinced her to go to the grocery store with me. We drove out of the driveway and she said, “It does feel good to go out!” We walked into the grocery store and three of our friends were in the lobby. It was like a reunion. There were lots of squeals and giggles. We were so excited to see Linda, Martha, and Rhonda all standing right there. It was like a little victory party right there in the lobby. Martha has started a Bible study in her home and made sure to tell Katy that she is on their prayer list. Linda assured her of the prayers of other church friends as well. It was so sweet to see Katy beaming. It really lifted her spirits.

Tonight we had just finished watching a mystery movie when Katy’s phone rang. Her friends attending the HPS conference in New York gathered around a speaker phone to tell her they love her and miss her. The bright smile radiating from Katy’s face made me want to shout a huge “thank you” to all the friends God has brought into our lives to encourage us and cheer us on. It is humbling and heartwarming to be loved by friends and family when we need it most. God has surely given us a happy day, and the telephone call and the ordained meeting with friends will be right at the top of our thanksgiving prayer tonight. Thank you for praying for Katy today. She is ready and willing to try a new form of treatment. We are going to have a serious matter-of-fact talk with her doctor in Charlottesville on Monday.