Thursday, March 15, 2007

Creative Thinking

I think it is one of the best things God ever did for me to put me together with an engineer for life. Do you know that anything man-made can be man-fixed when it breaks? This is news to most women and an engineer can usually figure out how to fix the problem and which materials to use to do the job. I knew I hitched my wagon to a star when on our honeymoon we were driving my old 1965 Plymouth Valiant from Michigan to New Jersey and my car broke down in sub zero weather. We were on the side of the road in biting cold weather and Paul had his head under the hood looking around while I waited in the car. About five minutes later, he tapped on my window and asked if I had a bobby pin or barrette in my hair that he could use. I did have one and gave it to him. In another five minutes we were back on the road with my hair barrette holding the choke in the right position to keep the car running and we were on our way.

With that sort of creative thinking we have fixed up a lot of houses, cars, and broken down appliances over the last thirty-three years. Our independence and skill made us think we could do about anything we set our minds to until last July when Katy was very sick and we couldn’t fix it. Of all the research we have done, and all the places we have taken Katy to be cared for, we have had to say, “God give us the grace to let go and believe you will handle this for us.” That is one of the toughest lessons we have had to learn, and I’m not entirely sure we’ve nailed that one down. We pray without ceasing that the quality of Katy’s life will improve. While we wait, God gives us creative ideas to bless her with simple pleasures. The plastic bin “hot tub” idea is working beautifully! The medication change is offering a little more relief for the bone pain. And the new bedroom make-over has lifted her spirits. We’re taking each day as it comes and keeping our eyes open for more creative solutions.

  1. Karen Tillman Says:

    I left a note to Katy the other day, telling her how creative I thought the bin idea was. As much bone pain as I have had in my life, I would’ve never had that idea in a million years!!! O course most of my bone pain ran down the front bone in my leg, the name of it is failing me at the moment. GRIN I’m glad things are looking up, and truly hope they continue to improve.
    take care
    Karen Tillman

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