Thursday, April 19, 2007

Katy Slept!

The Remicade is working very well and quickly. Katy slept the entire night without waking for more pain medication. She is too tired to get up this morning, but she looks so relaxed and peaceful. God has given her such a wonderful gift in that the Remicade works for her. We are rejoicing this morning!

  1. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    Wonderful!! Our prayers are being answered right before our eyes. What a blessing! Uninterrupted, peaceful sleep is such a great thing. :)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  2. Sandy Says:

    That’s wonderful! I hope today is filled with peace! Lots of hugs and prayers from here.

  3. Karen Tillman Says:

    Nothing like a good night’s sleep to make you have a fresh new look on life eh? Take care katy and thanks to your family for constantly keeping us updated.
    Karen Tillman

  4. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    We are rejoicing with you!!!! I am getting ready to go out of town with the kids until Monday in order to participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes in Charlotte with my neice. You’ll be in my prayers. See you next week.


  5. andrea russell Says:

    Well I was going to say the same thing as Jennifer B. “rejoicing with you”!
    Hmmm she took my line…lol

    But yes we are rejoicing with you and praise Him so much for His goodness and kindness, and His everlasting Love for us!

    So happy to hear your feeling better!
    Sleep our Angel

    Love Andrea

  6. Jes Says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m so glad that Katy is getting some much needed relief! What an answer to prayer!

    Ok - so funny story from yesterday - We were eating lunch and Noah looks across the table at me - very seriously and says “Momma - I love you.” Usually I say “Thank you Noah, I love you too!” but I was interested in what he might say so I asked “Why do you love me Noah?” to which he replied “Because yous pregnant.” I told him that was a VERY good thing to tell a pregnant person and I appreciated it. So later - during bath time I said “Noah, I love you and do you know why?” and he said “Because I’m pregnant?” :) He is just too cute!!!!

    Hope you all have a good day and that the Remicade continues to do the job! Love ya!

  7. Aleah Yunger Says:

    Oh, sleep is SO good! I’m glad to hear the pain is at least gone, even if you aren’t your 100% perky self once again :) that will come in time, no doubt. I hope last night was just as restful. Praying for you and hoping for a fantastic Friday! Love in Christ, Aleah

  8. Aunt Judy Says:

    Hey Katy,

    I haven’t posted for a while but you know I am always praying for you!

    I was asked to do a devotion tomorrow for our Secret Sister brunch. After much prayer and muddling I decided to talk about you! Specifically your “bonus days” and your fellowship of suffering with Christ, using Romans 8:16-18. Please pray for me that my words will be a blessing to the ladies who attend.

    We hope to see you this summer!

    love always,
    ~Aunt Judy~