Monday, April 16, 2007

Keep us Laughing!

Your comments are great! We’ve had several laughs, and all were just what we’ve needed. The pain Katy is experiencing is the same as before the last Remicade treatment. We can not miss a dose of pain medicine so we set the timer every two hours. Paul is going to take the night shift tonight. I am so thankful for the good days Katy had after the last Remicade because as bad as this is we know it will get better.

The doctor helping us with pain management is also doing a great deal of research into the vitamin and mineral imbalance that occurs in people with inflammatory bowel disease. He has sent us several articles describing the symptoms Katy is having. There is a delicate balance. We are trying to increase those vitamins and minerals until hopefully there will be a balance. The balance will help prevent the muscle cramping, spasms, and tetany, which adds to her pain quite a bit.

We are thankful for your prayers, and humorous writing. Being able to laugh at your humor is an indication that our hope is alive and well. Hope and humor often go together.

  1. Sara Says:

    Well let me start off with saying hi. By the way this is James. Ok i thought this story was pretty funny:

    I walked into the locker room for gym today and one kid had his head shaved. I said, “Richie, what happened to your hair?” He said, “Well i went to get my haircut. I told the guy what i wanted done. The guy didn’t speak English though. So he just shaved it off.”

    I was laughing at that for so long.

    My parents got a kick out of this:
    I said to them, “When i get older and have a dog of my own I’m going to name it Peeve. So then I can have my own pet peeve.

    This is something that Happened between Laura and myself:
    I was doing impressions of different people. I can do a lot of different voices. I don’t think as many as Paul however. Well anyway I was doing these voices and then Laura said, ” I wish I could do voices, I can only do my own.”

    Here is a joke my science teacher told me:

    There was this guy sitting in a bar.
    He said to the bartender, “If I show you something really cool will you give me a free drink?”
    The bartender said, “Sure”
    So the guy takes out this mini piano and sets it on the counter then pulls out a frog. The frog starts to place the piano.
    The bartender said, “That’s amazing!”
    So he gave the man his drink.
    Then the man says, “If I show you something else that’s cool will you give me another drink?”
    The bartender said, “Ok”
    So the man pulls out a mouse. The mouse starts to sing this amazing song accompanied by the frog.
    Thsi other man comes up to the man with the frog and mouse and says, “Hey, I’ll give you $5,000 for that mouse.”
    The man said, “Sure!”
    The one man gives him the money the other gives him the mouse.
    Then the bartender said, “Man you could have made a lot more money with that mouse.”
    Then the one man said, ” No, the joke is on that guy the frog is a ventriloquist.”

    Well I hope something there made you laugh.
    I hope you fell better soon Katy.
    Keep on laughing,

  2. Aunt Carrie Says:

    I thought I would tell you some news from Woodinville. Dave’s band Back Burner played at a mall in Bellevue on Friday. It was a great concert and everything went well. (They practiced at our house a couple of times to get used to the different mic arrangement. That was a treat for me.)

    Sometimes the band puts on hats to signify a change in the tunes. There is one where they wear berets and sunglasses (for bluesy cool numbers) They have some sombreros for the “South of the Border” songs. One of the audience members (with Down’s Syndrome) was quite enamored with the sombreros so they let her wear one and she was so tickled! That pure joy is so precious!

    Laurel was with us and she had borrowed Savannah’s sketch book to draw in. (Savannah and Raleigh stayed home.) We found a lovely poem that Savannah had written (once we had decifered her handwriting) It goes:

    How should I know the earth is round?
    How should I know that Pluto is cold?
    A fact?
    A picture?
    An astronaut’s mind?
    (Savannah Campbell, age 11)

    I was chatting with the new technical writer who started at work today, so I had lots of time to watch my bird feeder. Today I saw red-winged blackbirds, house finches, chickadees, and a goldfinch (Washington State bird).

    I brought in Snickerdoodles and my boss said they were too hard, the new writer said they were too soft. I said, “Boys, that is no way to get me to make you more cookies! (Luckily Dave said they were just right! Which, of course they were!)

    Katy, you and your family are in our hearts and prayers.

    Aunt Carrie

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