Thursday, April 26, 2007

A rest for today

This morning Katy was not feeling well and has not been up to doing much. I have been in touch with her doctor about some problems she is having. We are so thankful for his help. He is trying to get Katy’s electrolytes balanced and happy. The slightest imbalance causes her a lot of trouble. She wants so much to be up and active but today the Lord has given her a day to rest. She has enough energy to pray and we are doing that from time to time.

I went to a beautiful outdoor wedding last Saturday. Katy wanted to go so much but her health wasn’t stable enough to go. There were so many little children there. It was a real family event. Little girls in puffy dresses ran and twirled around the grounds. Little boys, legs pumping, ran for the swings and outdoor climbing toys as soon as the ceremony was over. I stood for awhile watching them run, jump, play, shriek, and roll. Dozens of children were having a ball in their miraculous little bodies. Everything in working order right down to the last cell. I wanted to find their parents and say, “Isn’t your little one a blooming miracle! Look at them go. Every muscle and cell working together in harmony, and here I stand in awe watching this miracle!” For those of us who live with something other than that, won’t it be something when we are in heaven watching our totally mended children run and leap for joy? I can already tell you that my heart will be so filled up I’ll be jumping for joy as well. I’m thankful for so many things; that this life is not all there is, and that there is something so much better in Heaven with Jesus. That should give us reason for doing a little running, jumping, and leaping, right now!

  1. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Yes, what joy to see them running and playing! And the the dear elderly ones that we see getting weaker and weaker and shrunken will be strong and healthy again! Speaking of elderly - the 90 year old lady, Esther, that I had here after cataract surgery yesterday is still having a saga. I took her home after dinner and stayed the night, then to the surgeon for check up this Am. To our great disappointment, part of the cataract had been hiding behind the iris, and with the outside cataract removed, it moved up in front, and I saw the big fuzzy thing in the eye scope - AND SHE HAD TO GO BACK FOR A SECOND SURGERY TODAY! She had to go hungry all day again. I couldn’t take anymore time and I got the church secretary to help me find someone. Later she called me and said that her elderly friend Ruth, 96 years old!!! was going to sit with her there, Ruth’s niece would ferry them in and pick them up. Now wouldn’t you like to have seen the sensation that created, when these TWO elderly ladies with canes totter in to the surgery reception. And in fact, I wouldn’t put it past Ruth (Campbell, by the way!) to have given them an earfull! She keeps everyone in church in line including the pastor, and we love her dearly!
    They both live close to the hospital, fortunately, but I’ve been concerned about them. They were going to make her wait till the end of the surgical day - after 5 pm, but they called to say they were moving it up to 4:30… they had to go in by 3, and I’m wondering if Ruth had something to do with the pushed forward schedule! She still drives short distances, somewhat to our consternation…

    Well, I just got Ruth on the phone - she’s finally home, I guess she held her peace - they had to stay a long time afterward as Esther’s BP was quite high. I thought is was too high when they discharged her yesterday…

    Katy, they need to discover a urine dipstick, or something like that, to measure electrolytes and tell you exactly what is needed at the moment - and I bet God has someone working on something of the sort right now. Our God can do that. Cases like yours ought to give someone some impetus.

    Love you and always praying, Aunt Lil

  2. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    I hope and pray that your strength returns and you start feeling better. I praise God for your relentless doctor. It’s wonderful to hear how dedicated he is to helping you!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  3. Aleah Yunger Says:

    I’m glad to hear of the rest, though the circumstances are not the best. I’ll be praying for peace for you, dear one. Please be praying for me as I finish up the semester - it’s not too long now, but getting toward the end can be hard! I miss you a lot and hopefully I will be able to see you quite soon. Love, Aleah

  4. Candice & Crystal Says:

    Katy, We kept checking your blog to see how things went today. We have been thinking of you and praying that you had a better day today. Hopefully, we’ll catch you online tomorrow. Love you!! Candice & Crystal

  5. Sandy Says:

    I hope your home is filled with peace and restfulness this weekend. You continue to be in my daily prayers.