Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A 1000 Calorie Day!

We are encouraged! The next Remicade treatment is less than a week away and Katy’s condition is remaining stable enough to eat and drink. We drove to Subway to satisfy another veggie sub craving, then to Wal-Mart where I bought all the fixings to make my own veggie subs for Katy. She wanted another one last night about ten and no one wanted to go out to get her one so she settled for bananas with ice cream.

We worked in the flower beds for about fifteen minutes today and it is clear that Katy will have to build up her strength before we can weed a whole bed at one time. We managed to clean up old leaves and rake a little before settling in for the evening. As we worked we talked about all kinds of things. I love having her with me, and stopped to pray once, because I was overwhelmed with gratitude that we could be standing in the yard together weeding. It is such a gift to have these times of refreshing.

  1. Aunt Lil Says:

    Dear ones, I have just gotten on the computer at Vera~s house for the first time and read the last several blogs. I~m so glad Katy is through another hard time and enjoying life (in a weedy garden!) again. We think of you so often and pray for you. I still haven~t had a chance to look for your crosses - I expect to get them in Sao Paulo where I found mine before. Do you both want them in all amethyst stones, or would either of you like another kind, or a mix of Brazilian stones, such as blue or yellow topaz, garnet, rubelite (ruby color) peridot (light yellow-green) etc. They are usually available.

    We have been having a great time, spent the last two days at the Luxor Hotel at the famous Copacabana beach where Tony~s niece Vera works. They put us on the VIP list because we were here aunt and uncle, and upgraded us without charge to one of the deluxe rooms at the front of the hotel facing the gorgeous circle of beach with all its palms and the lovely green mountains rising behind the city. If you want to see the hotel, you can find it on the web at Luxor Hotels. Ours was the Luxor Regente on Copacabana beach. Tony also took me to HSterns and bought me a lovely dainty blue topaz ring with 4 diamond brilliants. Mr. Stern himself walked in and out while we were there - only Vera knew him, because she used to work for Stern. Its equivalent to Tiffany~s in NYC. He is very old now, she said he is so nice, used to come and talk to all the employees personally and ask if they were happy or if they had suggestions. She didn~t tell us it was he, because he doesn~t like attention…

    Tomorrow we are going up through some gorgeous mountain passes, all forested and stay overnight in a quaint little town where Vera and Ed have a trailer at a resort. They have great inexpensive handmade sweaters and jackets - its pretty chilly up there, and I hope to replace a sweater I got there while we were teaching in 91!

    Tony says its time to go, but wants to say hello to you and tell you that he is already homesick! The apts here are very tiny! I~m not homesick yet, love the warm weather - very moderate as its fall here, and am looking forward to seeing so many friends here.

    Tony preached or taught three times in our FM church here and they were so encouraged as this is our first church in Rio and they feel quite isolated. Both the pastor and his wife are practicing medical doctors!! doing the church as well. The assitant pastora was one of our students at the Seminary is it was a joy to see her doing so well. She was also delighted to see us. So its all very interesting. I don~t know when I~ll have a chance to get on the computer again, as this is at Vera~s house and we stay at her mother~s house and it gets complicated with very busy schedules. I~ll try to check in again before we go to SP., if not I~ll be looking you up at Emilia~s there.

    Love you all much and pray for you! Deus vos cuide e ajude.

    Aunt Lillian, for Uncle Tony, too

  2. LInda Burk Says:

    HI..such good news for Katie these days..yeah……….working in the gardens is soothing to me too……tomorrow I will babysit Katie’s Burk’s 4 children. Katie was able to get away overnight with girlfriends to celebrate her mother’s day. Jack and I will meet our children in Baltimore for Sat evening Mass at the newly restored Basilica. Sunday my girls will visit their mother in laws…a good thing. Hope your mother’s day is special DAwn. Hugs to all, Linda

  3. Jennifer S. :) Says:

    HOORAY!!!! Praise the Lord for stability. I’m so glad to hear that!! :)
    Oh, and I’M GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited and happy. God has been, and still is, so good to me!! :)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  4. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    That’s great Katy! You must be doing well if you can eat veggie subs! When my tummy troubles kick in, I can’t eat any veggies unless they’re cooked to mushdom - which doesn’t make them terribly appealing. I was able to eat some strawberries last night, which was a big deal for me. Grin! But, the funny thing is I have no trouble with chicken, or soft breads, or bad stuff like french fries. It’s fruits and veggies that do it to me. But, it’s been a better week.