Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another Good Day!

The storm that took out our phones and internet service has blown over. Everything is fixed and Katy and I spent the day working between laundry, changing and feeding Annelise, scrubbing floors, and enjoying all the delights of a rainy day in spring. I have such a contented heart tonight. These are the times of refreshing, and we know it! Katy has had several good days all in a row. We are creating her new office right in her room and she has been busy going through text books and files getting ready to move into it. Paul is putting the finishing touches on her built-in desk tonight.

Katy has signed up for her last two college classes in the fall. She has tried to finish school a couple of times and each time had to drop the classes knowing her health would not permit her to finish. This time, with the Remicade working as well as it does, she has a strong desire to get the job done! To see her in a cap and gown, taking her diploma into her hand, would be a moment to remember for a lifetime. It would represent so much more than just getting her assignments done. It would mean standing and cheering to the heavens for the great and mighty things that God has done for her. We will pray that this will be the year. And we look forward to all God will do to accomplish His purposes.

Father, I pray for all those who struggle with serious health problems tonight. In your kindness and mercy would you grant them peace and then by faith help them set new goals. And then Father, would you grant them enough faith to believe they can reach them. In Jesus name, Amen.

  1. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    I’m so thankful and happy to hear that you’re doing well and pursuing your goals! What a blessing! :-)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)