Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Answered Prayer

“I urge you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ . . . to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me.”
Romans 15:30 (NIV)

Many of you have joined me in my health struggles by praying for me. The Lord is faithful in hearing your cries, groans, and prayers! In general, I am now feeling better than I have since I was first diagnosed with HPS in August of 2006. My prayer for you is that, as you join me in my struggles, you will also reap the blessings and rewards of a close relationship with the Lord. In addition, please let me know how I can join you in your struggles. The prayer ministry that Mom and I started last year has not stopped!

Today, was a wonderful day that was free from muscle spasms, muscle weakness, and fatigue. I was even able to entertain a friend for the entire day! We talked, cooked together, and accomplished some projects.

As a side note, I have updated Katy’s Musings with pictures of my “closet office”. Last night, Dad installed the ceiling fan, so the renovation is now complete.

  1. Andrea Says:


    Praise the Lord for how good you feel and sound :)
    I am so glad to hear good news from you, that just makes my day!

    I will see you soon :)

    Love and Blessings

  2. Jennifer S. :) Says:

    Praise God!! His goodness is amazing :) I’m so thankful and happy to hear that you’re doing better. I would love to come see you sometime, but my schedule’s pretty hectic right now with my brother’s graduation on Saturday. I will call you when things slow down. :)
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  3. Linda Kochendarfer Says:

    You’re new office is fantastic! And just let me say, that’s some closet . . . It was good to see new pictures of you; your sweet smile makes my day. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the tenth of June. Have a blessed day in the Lord.
    Mrs. K

  4. Mike Theesfield Says:

    “…please let me know how I can join you in your struggles.” Interesting that you say this now. I’ve had heart trouble for some years, and it it acts up more some times than others. Last night it was acting up, all the more alarmingly because I haven’t been really exerting myself. The upshot is that I’ve been feeling my mortality, but I don’t have the comfort of the religious beliefs you hold dear. I know you so passionately believe in God, and I’ve read what you and others have written in this blog. But for a variety of reasons (many of which I’ve argued recently in the religion forum of a political website), I cannot. I feel like I’m in the ocean and I’m clinging to a leaking life preserver. I know I’m going to sink sooner or later. I cry out in the no-athiests-in-foxholes manner, but I feel that there is no response.

    I’m practically a stranger to you, and I kind of hate to burden you with this because you have and have had so much on your own plate, and the only comprehensive solution you can offer is the one I don’t believe in. I suppose that I felt like sharing this with you because I feel that you have some unique empathy for my situation, even though it’s different from yours. I’ve shared it with another internet friend, but she’s got plenty on her own plate. Also, in her case, I’ve been trying to meet some of her emotional needs, and I don’t want my death (whenever it comes) to blindside her.

    Anyway, for better or for worse, you did ask, and also for better or for worse, this all came from the heart (no gruesome pun intended), and talking it out helps a little. I hope you don’t burden yourself too much with it. Sorry for such a grim post.

    Cousin Mike

  5. Sally Says:

    Hi Katy,
    I am rejoicing to hear that you are feeling so much better. I answered your email about school work several days ago. I was unclear about what you were asking me, and my email in response clarifies the status of the assignments.
    I am praying for you and your family.
    Sally Ludwig

  6. Jes Says:

    Hey Katy girl!
    It’s so good to get another post from you! :) I’m glad that you are feeling a little better today! This remicade is great stuff! I am rejoicing in your current state - we continue to hold you up before the throne. Please keep us in your prayers too - the next two weeks will be full of travel and reuniting with Josh as he comes off of his ‘big bad travel’….homecomings are wonderful but also an adjustment for everyone! So pray our transition to having daddy back will be smooth!

    Cousin Mike - I will pray for you this evening - Katy isn’t the only one out there praying and our Lord hears. There is no way that Katy and her family could have made it through the dark valley that they have walked if Jesus wasn’t walking with them! I will pray for your heart and for someone to come along w/ answers to the questions you have!

    Love to you all!

  7. Delmar Short Says:

    Some suggestions maybe for cousin Mike, and anyone else who may have doubts: 1. If you send me your e-mail (mine is I will send you some things I have sent to others recently about some very serious questions, including most recently about religion and wars and before that some things on science and religion as well as some summaries and quotes from some of the following books. My wife and I have also taught on such subjects as “Why there is suffering”, and “Prayer Busters” (from a book by Hybel’s, called “Too Busy Not to Pray”) 2. Some books that may be helpful: “Letters to a Skeptic”, Josh McDowell’s “New Evidence that Demands a Verdict”, Stroble’s “Case for Christ”, “Case for Faith”, and “Case for a Creator”, C.S. Lewis’s “Case for Christ”, and a very interesting easy-read, called “Dinner With a Perfect Stranger”. 3. Katy’s blog :) (and I may be in a fairly unique position to explain why her experiences are very difficult to explain medically or psychiatrically)

  8. Aunt Lil Says:

    Dear Katy, I also am so glad to hear that you are up n perkin! We just got back from the very beautiful beach called Guaruja down the long escarpment from Sao Paulo. We went to Santos, Pele~s hometown and on to a hilltop high above the bay, watching series of waves wash white and blue on the shore. We had a marvelous lunch there.

    I was reading the comments, and would like to ask that all who read this pray that Cousin Mike, my dear nephew, will be miraculously healed of his heart condition, both physical and spiritual. God is able to heal the wounding of both body and spirit. I write with tears. I have heard that many many people read this who never comment. Please help us pray, and thank you so much for all the wonderful support you are giving my dear Katy niece.

    Katy, the Lord willing I~ll be with you in a couple of weeks. I hope you will be doing well, and if not, remember I~m the housekeepér and cook.

    May the Lord give you a blessed Sunday, AT CHURCH! Love much, Aunt Lil