Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday Evening

Good evening and happy weekend to you! Paul Burton and I are actually about to head out to a home-school graduation ceremony. I’m so thankful to have a brother who enjoys taking me places. I’m also thankful to feel well enough to attend the graduation.

I have such fond memories of Paul Burton and me growing up together. I used to also do things with my oldest brother Colin, but Paul Burton and I were closer in age, so we were often playmates. We used to dress up in the “grown up” fur coats, retrieve some lettuce from the refrigerator, and pretend we were lemmings. We’d even used the laundry baskets as animal cages. Paul Burton also enjoyed decorating my doll house at Christmas time. And when Colin and Paul Burton had to babysit me, they’d sing “Father I Adore You” at bedtime. My siblings were, and still are today, my friends.

In other news, Dad and Mom should be home around 3 or 4am tomorrow. They have actually been on a business trip in Missouri. At the last minute, Mom decided to go with Dad to help with the driving and cooking of meals. Thank you to the family and friends who either stayed with me or checked in on me daily to make sure I was doing alright.

  1. Delmar Short Says:

    “Cousin Mike”- please see comment # 7 from previous comment section.

  2. Doris Harriff Says:

    Katy, so nice you could have a night out with your brother. And Delmar, thanks for your response to my son.