Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Better All The Time

Although Katy had to sleep a good part of the day, she is now feeling her strength return and the “poisoned” feeling she talks about is lifting. She is working on her Bible study at her desk while I am in her little office working on an update.

I told Katy that when I wake up in the morning I have a feeling of joyful expectation. I can’t explain it, but we are all feeling that way around our house. I’ve observed that so much of what the Lord does is quiet and secretive until the fullness of time. Then He reveals His plan and delightful surprises when we least expect it. He gives us something to cheer about everyday. Tonight the cloud formations over our home just before a storm took us by surprise. They were beautiful and we had to stop what we were doing just to stare in awe.

Your mercy, Oh Lord, reaches to the heavens: Your faithfulness to the clouds. Psalm 36:5

  1. andrea Says:

    I am so full of joy today for different reasons. And it is a tremendous joy to see how good Katy is doing! :)
    Here is a little poem for you…………..
    The Hand of God

    May the new day bring you blessings,
    as the light comes filtering through.
    May your sunrise be as lovely,
    as a morning draped in dew.

    May the wind blow forth a promise,
    sending sweet bouquets your way.
    May life seem a little brighter,
    as you rise to greet the day.

    May the daybreak render pleasure,
    as the birds begin to sing
    May the distant roll of thunder,
    bring forth a touch of Spring.

    May the mist embrace the stillness,
    like a fire fly in the night.
    May an angel walk beside you,
    to hold you in the light.

    May the rain caress your body
    and life drops flood your soul.
    May His Spirit come upon you,
    to cleanse and make you whole.

    May the showers come so softly,
    running gently through your hair.
    May you touch the living water
    and know that He is there.

    May the freshness bring you new life,
    pushing through the tender sod.
    May you pause to pick a flower
    and brush the hand of God.

    by Marilyn Ferguson

    Hope you lied it
    Love and Blessings

  2. Aunt Lil Says:

    Well, I don~t know if this will go or not, using my email on Emilia~s computer! If not, I~ll ask her help later, can~t remember her email by heart.

    I am in Sao Paulo now - we flew in late yesterday PM, flight late, got here about 6 instead of 5. And today we went shopping at our favorite Brazilian stone and artifact shops that we used to frequent when we lived here. And yes, I found two crosses with amethyst stones! If one of you would like to change your stone, I can get them in other ones, like blue topaz, red garent, not sure what else. I also bought some chalcedony things and I just LOVE IT! The beads are pale blue with something of opal in them, they look like they are lighted inside! Remember they are in the foundation of the city -^the beautiful City of God^ - from the hymn We~re Marching to Zion. I wanted to put quote marks but they are taken up by ^ that sign! Now you know! I~m reading a book by a Chinese man called Brother Yun, who has suffered more than I have ever read of anyone suffering in our times, for Jesus, terrible tortures and imprisonments. Once the Lord sustained him miraculousy for 74 days in prison without food OR WATER! as he prayed for his country. I don~t know whether these stories encourage or depress in hard times, but if you need a contemporary Job story, that is it. The title is THE HEAVENLY MAN, by Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway, Monarch Books, London and Grand Rapids.2004. He was born in 1958 so is only 49 now. I read it on the way down and am nearly through it a secnd time! I need to be reminded. God used suffering to work great miracles and redemption!

    Emilia~s apt is very small but SUPER ELEGANT! We have many old friends to visit here, so have a full schedule! We love and pray for you all.
    She has gone to check on her optical shop.