Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Good Idea

Katy wasn’t any better this morning, so I took her to the local doctor on the advice of another physician who suggested that whenever Katy has swollen glands a white cell count should be taken just to rule out a hidden infection. The blood work today did show an elevated white cell count and after Katy explained how she was feeling it was decided to put her on an antibiotic. After three doses she is already seeing improvement in several ways. Hopefully the antibiotic will kick this little infection to the moon and she will resume life again! Katy thinks that because her face and eyes hurt so much, she may have had a sinus infection.

The Lord has again given the doctors good insight into what might be going on before matters worsened. I’m so grateful for the help. We are a blessed family and have learned to count our blessings one by one.

  1. Jes Says:

    Hey Guys!
    We are praising God with you for good doctors! It’s amazing what an antibiotic can do to kick those nasty infections to the curb! I remember one time when Noah was really little - he had a nasty infection and they gave him a shot in the office - by the time we got him, he was already looking better and within 3 hours - you would never have known he was sick! I was amazed! I hope your improvement this morning continues and that you get to feeling better! We love ya!


  2. Sandy Says:

    I am glad the antibiotics are helping! Hang in there and take good care.

  3. Linda Kochendarfer Says:

    I’m sorry I missed you and your mom when I stopped by yesterday. I’ll try again next week. I’m looking forward to seeing that beautiful new office!
    Continuing to pray God’s blessings and sanctification on you.
    Mrs. K