Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Goodness and Mercy

Antibiotics fall into the “goodness and mercy” category. Goodness and mercy are following Katy all the days of her life! By the fifth dose, Katy is feeling relief from her sore throat! She worked on laundry today and did a little catching up on her paperwork. Her appetite picked up today, too. We are so happy for her.

I was in the grocery store today and saw a bag of sun chips. I had a flashback to several months ago of Katy licking the salt from them while the TPN kept her alive. The Remicade is working. This morning she was hungry for blueberry pancakes and ate every bite on her plate without trouble.

Lord, it would have been enough that you saved us from hell and damnation by the death of your Son. But you are the giver of every good gift and the shepherd that promised goodness and mercy to us all the days of our lives. You give us far more than we deserve. Amen!

  1. Linda Kochendarfer Says:

    I was just reading your blog and wanted to share what I’m seeing outside my window. Under one of my bird feeders is the brightest reddest cardinal you’ve ever seen; right beside him is the most beautiful bright turquoise blue bird ever! They look like part of a Crayola crayon box. But in the middle of the twosome is a fat and sassy squirrel. All three are picking up dropped seed and having what I suspect is a terrific breakfast (which probably doesn’t quite compare with the pancakes you had, but might be pretty close). I’m glad you’re feeling better today, Katy. Have a blessed day in the Lord and know we love you and keep your name before the Savior.
    Mrs. K

  2. Bob Cirba Says:

    Katy, I wish I could give you a bearhug! I hope the antibiotics give you continuous relief. May your courage and faith in God continue unabated. Love, Bob in Scranton, Pa. *Smiles*