Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day

I just returned from a lovely evening at a local church, where I was the guest speaker for a Mother/Daughter banquet. The food was so delicious. I love southern cooking. We had hoped Katy would be able to join me for the evening, but her health has not held steady today. Julie and Danae came though, and it was a real treat for me to watch them win two of the door prizes.

The last Remicade treatment has not effectively continued to work for Katy. She is having a difficult time with the bleeding issues and inflammatory bowel problems again. However, we have been enjoying our days and having good times together. This morning she weeded another part of a flower bed, while a good friend came and put in a beautiful flower garden for me. It is so pretty! My friend is a true gardener with many years of experience. She had carefully selected plants that should do well in the soil around the two birch trees. I was very impressed with her work and since I worked along with her I could see the little things she was doing to prepare the soil. I actually think I may have success with outdoor landscaping as a result. By early afternoon Katy had so many health issues going on she decided to stay home from the banquet, and we are praying for her strength and comfort.

As I reflect on Mother’s Day, I think of what a gift it has been to raise children. They keep you busy, active, entertained, and help you understand your computer. Colin gave me a card that said, “Mom, I can’t imagine what life would be like without you. I’d probably be eating candy from strangers,talking with my mouth full, waving around sharp objects, while sitting too close to the TV in yesterday’s underwear.” I had a good laugh over that. Our role of mother is often “teacher.” This Mother’s Day I would like to say “thank you” to all the moms out there who continue to show by example what it means to lay down your life for another.

  1. Bob, Amy, Emily, Meredith and Abby Says:


    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! I just have to say that Colin’s card is laugh out loud funny!!! Imagine the whole world going around just as the card described!!!! :0)

    See you soon,
    Amy and family

  2. Jennifer S. :) Says:

    I’m sorry today was rough for you but it’s nice that you got to be outside some. It’s been beautiful weather! I’ll continue to pray for you as you approach your next Remicaide treatment. Hang in there!
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  3. Karen Tillman Says:

    Earest Katy,
    I am sitting at the hospital taking some time out of my schedule today to let you know that I am thinking and praying for you constantly. I know I haven’t checked in much lately, but I have been dealing with some of my own issues, and spending more time at the hospital. I have been filling in for people so that they can take their vacations, and the first week of June our secretary will be headed on a missions trip to South Africa!!!! How exciting. I hope to hear good reports on that end. It is nice to work with people who are christians. It does make our walk with Christ so much easier.
    Dawn, thank you so much for the kind mother’s day words, and Iam sure that we all appreciated them. I always enjoy reading your posts as they are so well written, and I can tell that much thought goes into them.
    Gotta run. Much Love and the Lord’s Blessing to you and your family.
    Karen Tillman

  4. Shari Crenshaw Says:

    Dear Dawn,
    What a blessing it was to have you visit our church for the MotherDaughter Banquet. While we were so saddened to hear of Katy’s medical problems, we were uplifted to hear of her incredible spirit and faith in the Lord, and her experience in heaven. Yes, she is truly a beautiful young woman, with a fantastic smile that beams joy, a radiance that comes from her love of God, and a talent for expressing her love and desire for everyone to know Him. It was an honor to meet you, and to be introduced to Katysblog where we can read entries from both of you. We will be praying for Katy and for your family. May God touch others through you.
    In His love,

  5. LInda Burk Says:

    HI..happy mother’s day to you DAwn…….your mothering abilities have been tested and you have won the prize…….you amaze me with your constant positive attitude and loving spirit….we had a nice mother’s day with our children . we visited the newly restored basilica in downtown Baltimore..the first in this country…….enjoyed Mass together and then had dinner……….it is a blessing to be in church with my children…….hugs to all, LInda

  6. Sheila States Says:

    Hello, Katy:

    I met your Mom at the Mother Daughter Banquet of Mill Creek Baptist Church where she came to speak to us and gave us her Testimony (and yours) about choosing LIFE and how the Lord has blessed them with YOU! She also told us how badly you had wanted to come with her. We wish you could have also. You would have been very proud of her. She told us all about your blog and now you have many more people praying for and with you. We were all touched by your story and feel you have been especially blessed by your glimpse into Heaven! How wonderful!!! I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I will be keeping you close to my heart and in my prayers and thoughts. I will keep contact on how you’re doing through this website. You are a beautiful young woman, inside and out. May the Lord continue to use you (and all of us) according to His Purpose.


    Sheila States

  7. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Hey there,
    Just wanted to say good luck with Remicade day tomorrow!