Friday, June 29, 2007

Answered Prayer

Katy’s insurance has approved the Remicade treatment for Monday. I wanted you to know immediately how the Lord has heard your prayers. Yesterday I asked Paul a pretty tough question. If the insurance doesn’t pay for this, can we take our own money and pay for this? His answer without hesitation was, “YES!” I asked the woman at the doctor’s office yesterday that handles insurance how much it would cost if we paid for it ourselves. She said, “Ten thousand dollars.”

So while we waited on the Lord to work in all the details, I had the joy of knowing that Katy has an earthly daddy who would spare no expense for his daughter. How much more do we feel the love of our Heavenly Father today for His provision. I am again including the picture of Daniel. Imagine one of those lions prepared to devour ten thousand dollars. Thank you Lord, for shutting the mouths of the lions.

  1. Aunt Lil Says:

    When I read this I shouted “Praise the Lord”, so that Jackie and John could hear it in the living room! What wonderful news! May Jesus be very near to all of you as you mark the hours and days off until Monday. I’m praying very much that Katy will be having a few good hours late Sunday, as Judy, Todd and I are anxious to see her when they bring me back. Love, Aunt Lil

  2. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Praise God! We are rejoicing with you!!!

    -David and Jennifer

  3. Jim Says:

    Again and again, the Lord shows His faithfulness. Praise the name of the Lord. It seems there is a balance in life that we must find between taking action and trusting the Lord, not that you do one to the exclusion of the other. He clearly wants us to act AND He clearly wants us to trust Him. You have found that balance over and over and serve as an example of faith and action taken in faith. We are grateful to the Lord and for giving you the inspiration to know how to put your faith into action. For me, that is the hardest thing sometimes. How do I know what to do and when to do it? It comes through your writings so well, that the Lord has given you not only the faith to trust Him, but also the faith to take decisive action and what that should be. Praise Him forever and ever. Amen.

  4. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    I’m so glad it came through!

    I’d ask that you all pray for all the HPS’ers that need Remicade, ore some other treatment, and can’t get it at all. It breaks my heart to watch people not get the medical care that they need, and it happens a lot in our little HPS community. So often the difference is having family that can help advocate and that has the mental and emotional resources to work the system.

    Insurance companies can be such a hassle, but I’m grateful I have insurance to start with! But, right now I honestly need an entire work day just to call on all the insurance claims I have right now that haven’t been paid as they should have been, or all the doctor’s offices that I need paperwork from etc. It’s a whole different world.

  5. Jennifer S. :) Says:

    I’m home and I wish I had time to catch up on the past two weeks of your life. I’ll do my best to get caught up soon. Anyways, I’m praying for you–keep your head up! I’ll be praying for a peaceful, restful Sabbath for you and your family.
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :)

  6. Alicia Richardson Says:

    Praise the Lord!!!! I am so glad that you are able to get this much needed treatment. I wish i could come down sometime and bring Isaac with me…:-) May the Lord continue to bless you…..on a fun note…i found a website that has STFBEye on DVD!!!!! All three seasons…..YAY……ttyl Love yas

  7. Beth Sprankle Says:

    Praise God for answered prayer with the insurance company! And praise God for the family love that surrounds Katy. What a testimony of Christ’s love…..


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