Thursday, June 07, 2007

Aunt Lil Visits Roanoke

This evening I went to the airport to pick up Aunt Lil. She arrived on time and was ready to do a little shopping when she got here. Katy had another good day today. She helped with laundry and housework. She really knows how to enjoy the good days. I have been so impressed by her gratitude for the things we used to take for granted. Tomorrow if Katy is feeling well we are planning to show Aunt Lil a few of the special places around Roanoke. Aunt Lil brought us each a little gift from Brazil, and we appreciate her generosity. We also learn so much from her. She knows seven languages and has traveled extensively, so she’s very interesting and if she were here longer we would invite people in to meet her!

I have had a steady stream of phone calls and emails with offers of gifts for Qavah today! I’m so excited about all of YOU being so excited! I even saw those offers for babysitting in your comments and will no doubt need that kind of help. Your support and enthusiasm is overwhelming! I will be in contact with Qavah’s foster family this weekend and will try to find out what her needs are. Katy and I are going to begin working on fall lesson plans, but until she arrives we will not know her interests, skill level, or sizes. So for now we would ask for prayer for a couple of things.

We pray her heart will be prepared to make this transition. We pray for the emotional strength of her foster family in letting go. We pray for her health, (she was just released from the hospital today for a port infection), and we pray for Katy’s health to be stable while we are away picking up Qavah. In all these requests we acknowlege that prayer is the most important part of our journey right now. Thank you for traveling this road with us!

  1. Jes Says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m glad to hear that Katy is still feeling better. Hope you all have a great visit with Aunt Lil - she definitly sounds like a character! I’ve enjoyed reading her posts….she’s quite a traveler!

    I’m anxiously awaiting more Qavah details! I feel like a news repoter - I’m dying to ask the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions!!! (Ok - patience is really not a strong suit for me!) Katy - I got your email the other day about the baby stuff - we get back on Saturday evening from the beach so maybe I could come get it next week if that works for ya’ll! :)

    Love ya!