Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Night

We are enjoying our time with Aunt Lil. She has given me a whole list of books to read that have been a great source of joy for her. I found out after I picked her up at the airport and started discussing a book I am reading that we are in the middle of reading the same book.

Katy has been having some trouble all day today with her abdominal pain level. We were awake every hour last night but the Lord has given us both strength to enjoy our day today and our afternoon nap was a real treat. She is back on pain medication tonight.

I was able to speak with Qavah’s foster mother today. I could hear Qavah playing and talking in the background. Qavah currently has an infection in her port and will have surgery next week to remove the old one and have it replaced. I’m sure our prayers for her will be heard and she will do well. Her foster parents are believers and have given Qavah a good start in life. Her foster mother has concern for her other children who have been told that Qavah will be leaving their family. Her seven year old cried. I assured her that we would send pictures of major events and will remind Qavah how much they loved her when she was a little baby. The thought that struck me most was how God has had His merciful hand on Qavah from the very beginning. He loves us all so much. It’s precious to think about, isn’t it?