Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Night

Katy is not doing well. Her pain levels are too high to manage and we have taken turns sitting with her all day. Now that we know what to watch for, we were able to keep her electrolytes balanced pretty well. I don’t know why the Remicade is not doing a better job holding her steady. When she is feeling up to it I’ve asked her to contact some other HPS friends on Remicade to determine whether this is normal. Her attack started last week on Thursday and by this afternoon she has only been able to eat a few calories. It is discouraging. I would not want anyone reading our blog to think that because we have a strong faith we never get discouraged. We do. Thank you for your love and support. It is often your encouragement that helps us get through the tougher times.

This afternoon when Katy was really miserable the phone rang. It was Paul Burton calling from Washington DC. Her wanted to tell her that he had just been to the National Archives to see the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. That was very exciting for her. He told her that he bought her a copy of the Declaration of Independence for her new office and it made her happy. It blesses us parents when we see our children caring for one another. I thought of a bumper sticker that says, “Honor your parents today, do something nice for your sister!”

Enjoy your sabbath rest! We look forward to the sabbath day all week. The quiet of the day settles our hearts. We wish the same for you.

  1. Sandy Says:

    I am sorry to hear that Katy is having a rough spell again. The ups and downs of these chronic illnesses are such a challenge. And yes, even we who believe can get discouraged! We can all pray you through these rough days. Hugs and prayers always from here.

  2. Doris Harriff Says:

    I am sorry to hear Katy is having a bad patch. Sometimes it seems that it is basically bad, and she has “good patches.” The lady from my church (Carol) who sent Katy a get-well card was asking about her today. If she is in church this evening I will give her an update. She doesn’t have computer access.

    Aunt Doris
    (Say hi to my little sis Lil for me!)

  3. Andrea Says:

    Dawn, you are such an inspiration!

    But we all experience discouragement to some degree. Some more than others, I am on the “much more” side. That is though because we are humans still, we havent arrived yet!
    I will kepp you all in my prayers as always!

    It is sad that Katy has a flare-up again, but she will prevail!

    Love and Prayers