Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Katy has been sleeping most of the day. The healing process is in full swing. She got up for a little while mid-afternoon for something to eat, but has been keeping quiet and following doctor’s orders.

We are so thankful for the many hours of uninterrupted sleep Katy is getting. I’ve made a few calls today for follow-up appointments. The next ten days will be busy with check-ups and post-op visits. All this sleep is going to help in the days ahead.

Tonight Katy and I are going to start a new Bible study. It is the study of Daniel written by Beth Moore. We know that these quiet afternoons studying God’s word is the best way to strengthen us. Many times during the past year I have been thankful that Katy has grown up in the Word, so that when trials came, she was able to stand. Our trials are not over, and as strong as our faith may be, we want more of God’s word revealed to us so that we will be able to stand firm to the end!

  1. Anne Poler Says:

    Hi, Katy and family!

    Welcome home. Enjoy!

    I participated in Beth Moore’s Daniel study last fall, and just loved it. You have a treat in store for you!

    Love, Anne

  2. Barbara Walker Says:

    Dear Katy and Dawn,

    So glad you two are able to catch up on your rest. There is nothing like it to restore our energy and heal us.

    I know you are going to love the Daniel Bible Study. Dawn, the fill-ins for the video sessions are in the leader’s guide. This is a video-driven bible study as you have probably discovered. Your homework will follow the videos. It would help if you have another source to help you understand the chapters in Daniel. I used one by McGhee. If you cannot find anything, let me know and I’ll get that to you.

    I so enjoyed talking to you the other evening, Dawn. Thanking the Lord wholeheartedly for having you call me. Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement and comfort.

    Love to you both in Christ,