Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday afternoon update

Katy had some diagnostic tests this morning, but we do not have the results yet. As of 4:00 this afternoon, she no longer requires oxygen and her breathing is stable. She sat up and had lunch today, and is now asleep. Dawn is with her, and tells me that the floor they are on in the hospital is very quiet and peaceful - just what they both need. We believe this is an answer to your prayers.

The pain medication is not really helping, so sleep is merciful. We want to concentrate on solving the problem, not just relieving the pain, and will be having a conversation with some doctors later this afternoon or evening to discuss the test results and determine what can be done. We are seeing much evidence that your prayers are effective in making things happen in ways we could not anticipate, and we thank you all and ask that you continue praying. As is so often the case, we are working with new doctors who are specialists in different areas and who must work through a crash course in Katy’s medical history and situation. So far, we are encouraged by the response.

Special thanks to Julie for staying with Katy last night so Dawn could get some much-needed sleep. Katy went through the transition from emergency room to admitting room to regular room to test procedure room with Julie at her side, but they were not able to get into the regular room until 8:00 this morning because the hospital is so crowded right now. More stars in your crown, Julie!


  1. Heather Kirkwood Says:

    Katy, I”m glad you’re able to get some sleep after such a long night. I hope the tests show something - not that I want anything to be wrong - but at least if the tests clearly show something then it’s easier for the docs to know what to do.

    I’m a little behind the curve today - I went to the eye doc and got those drops in my eyes. I’m just now getting back to “normal” vision for me.

  2. Ruth Ann and Ray Myers Says:

    Paul and Dawn and Katy,

    We are lifting you up in prayer, and trust that test results will come soon and that the solutions will quickly relieve Katy of pain.

    Julie and Dan are indeed a blessing and have a special gift of serving others.

    Love and Prayers,
    Ruth Ann and Ray

  3. Sandy Says:

    What a stressful and tiring week you all have had. I’m glad Dawn got some rest last night, and I am glad that Katy was resting today. Hopefully the doctors have some idea how to get to the bottom of the current issues. Thanks for keeping us all posted. Prayers continue from here.