Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Test

This morning we got up and headed to the GI doctor to have Katy’s blood tested for compatibility with Immuran. If the test shows it can be given, we will proceed. There are risks involved but we’ve tried everything else and nothing else is allowing Katy to live her life. She will remain on Remicade, but it has not worked as well as we expected. After we returned home today her spasms and breathing problems started, so I have given her more prednisone and potassium as needed.

It has been a long time since she has had a normal day. I’m praying for a couple of them to give her a spark of joy. Your cards and notes are helping so much. She really enjoys hearing from you and the things that are happening in your world. If there is anything of interest, please don’t hesitate to write. Thank you Lord for the hard days. They make the easy ones so much sweeter to us.” Amen

  1. Patricia Says:

    I just wish we could give each of you a big bear hug … I think you need it badly.
    Take a deep breath and then a nap …. in His everlasting arms.
    Love you guys!

  2. Karen Tillman Says:

    Hey Dawn,
    I am really not surprised about having to try another drug. This Crohn’s thing and HPS is one of the hardest situations to deal with get, and keep under control. Most patients that I know who are on Remicade take several other drugs in combination. I am just glad that Katy can tolerate the Remicade. I sure wish I could have. Please let Katy know our thoughts and prayers are with her always.
    Karen Tillman

  3. Jennifer Blugerman Says:

    Katy and Dawn,
    It was nice to see you today, even briefly! The kids and I really enjoyed watching little Analise! She is a cutie and is so good! Matt set up baby blankets on the floor for her to play on and we got out my stash of baby toys that I reserve for such occasions. Analise was thrilled at the “new” toys and played with great enthusiasm. Matt was reclining on the floor next to her and at one point Analise let out this huge, happy screech of joy. Matt’s eyes got really big. He looked at me, smiled, and with perfect comedic timing said, “Uh, I think I need some earmuffs!” Emma and I laughed so hard!

    We are praying for some sense of “normalcy” to reappear so that you can all enjoy the anticipation and preparations for little Qavah! But how blessed she will feel to be in a home where medical issues are not an unexpected bother, but a normal part of life to be dealt with one step at a time with total reliance upon the Savior and joy in all circumstances!

    In His grip,

  4. Lillian Oliveira Says:

    Katy, I have a huge powder pink hydrangea in a tall square silver vase on my kitchen table. Its from a “volunteer” bush that grew down over the back bank where Uncle Tony threw cuttings from a bright blue hydrangea! I wish I could send it to you, it just makes one marvel at the beauty God makes - and then gives us eyes to perceive glorious colors, and an esthetic sense to be able to appreciate them… some of our “made in His image” traits. And I’m sending you tonight, a big warm, fuzzy, powder pink teddy bear hug to go along with the hydrangea. May Jesus give you a restful night. Love, Aunt Lil

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