Sunday, July 22, 2007


This weekend has been a series of surprises. Katy woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning with breathing problems again. Standing over her in a mental fog, I thought about the fact that I hadn’t discussed a plan with Katy’s doctors in the event she should go into another tailspin like she did last week. In the hospital they would quickly come and draw blood, make a decision about treatment, and hang a bag of steroids or potassium until she turned around. I prayed for wisdom and grabbed the bottle of steroids and decided to start with a small dose and hope for the best. I gave her 5mg. After half an hour I could see things turning in the right direction. Then muscle tightening began and I reached for the bottle of potassium and started with a low dose until I could see improvement. This has happened at regular intervals throughout the weekend. The greatest blessing for Katy and for us is being able to keep her at home while this is happening. This situation is no surprise to her Maker, and we are happy to rely on Him, although sometimes knowing what to do is just a hunch or a feeling. We are not able to leave her alone so one of us stays with her to be sure she gets what she needs before it becomes a crisis. I know this will change. Something about this whole thing seems temporary to me. Again it is just a feeling, but it is causing me to pray that way.

The bonus in all of this activity going on in Katy’s body is the time we get to spend with Katy in her room. She is surrounded by the colors and things that make her happy. It’s her own sanctuary. Her steadfast trust not only in the Lord but in us is very humbling. When her body becomes low on cortisol she looks as though she is sleeping but she is not able to ask for anything or communicate. When she is able to speak again she thanks us and tells us that she is always aware of everything happening but is relaxed knowing we are doing the right things. I wonder if I would be able to submit to that without fear?

Our specific prayer request for this week would be that Katy’s body would begin to function properly. Pray for her adrenal glands and endocrine problems to be put behind her so she can move on! She has so many dreams, and the faith that many of them will one day be a reality.

  1. Doris Harriff Says:

    Praise God for parents who listen to the “hunches” and “feelings” that God gives them! Katy is constantly in my prayers.

  2. Martha Harrison Says:

    Bless you Dawn for keeping us posted on Katy. Thank you for letting us know your specific prayer request for her, as you are following the Lord’s prompting. This, in itself is encouraging and reassuring knowing that He is the Great Physician.
    Love and prayers, Martha

  3. Jennifer S. :-) Says:

    I will be praying for a return to a more normal state of life. I’m thankful to hear that your parents are able to sense your needs and meet them–praise God! :-)
    I pray your day is blessed.
    Love and prayers,
    Jen :-)

  4. Aleah Yunger Says:

    God has not revealed all the mysteries to us — He never promised that. But He did promise to fight for us and to provide for our needs and to give us only what He has prepared us to handle. Praise Him for His goodness and mercy in that! He is providing for you and blessing you as a family through all this. I know you know that, but it’s worth mentioning again :) Praying for your adrenal glands and endocrine problems… let me tell ya, I’m not taking my body’s balance for granted anymore! ;) Love in Christ, Aleah

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